Moosavi announces Code of Azadari

Munawar Naqvi

RAWALPINDI: The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced 16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram. He said Azadari is our jugular vein in which no hurdle will be allowed and Zikr of Imam Hussain (A.S.) will be kept alive in every situation. He asked the Federal Interior Minister and the Provincial Government to form Muharram Azadari Cells and all Matmi processions will be taken out under the Junejo-Moosavi agreement signed on May 21, 1985. The Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister should not keep themselves to phones only and should go around the whole world to highlight the case of Kashmir. Protests are carried out by people while the government will have to carry out practical struggle as rights are always snatched and Kashmir will not be given as an alm. Pakistan’s foreign policy is a failure as those King for which our top authorities played as driver are strengthening the Indian back now. All types of relations with India may be severed; Muslim rulers should show their manliness so that the Kashmir and Palestine issues are resolved. What has the 40-nation alliance done on the Kashmir situation? The hero of anti-terrorism activities and former Army Chief who had accepted to head this alliance formed on the American dictation have lost his dignity. The government should not consider the Ziareen of Imam Hussain (A.S.) an abandoned lot and should provide facilities to those who desire to go to Karbala for Ashoora. Politics is infertile as those who took votes after committing promises are now ignoring the issues of Azadaran. Internal political tension should be overcome to face the external enemy. We would prefer to kiss dead but will not allow the Kashmir and Palestine issue to become dead. Only exhibitory steps may not be taken for Muharram as no one can make the Azadaran hostage in our presence. These views were expressed by him while addressing a Press conference here at the headquarters of the Maktab-e-Tashih in the presence of a large number of ulema coming from all over the country and the senior leadership of the Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Saturday.
Answering a question from newsmen, Agha Moosavi that Sunnis and Shia bring out the processions of the Nabi (SAAW) and the Nawasa Imam Hussain (A.S.) jointly. He said highlighting the issues of Kashmir and Palestine by observing the memory of Nawasa-e-Rasool Imam Hussain (A.S.) is our obligation in faith. Despite economic miseries, we will have to confront India with the spirit of Shoeb-e-Abi Talib (A.S.) for the independence of Kashmir as Kashmir is not only the issue of Muslims but that of the whole humanity. He said withdrawal of Article 370 and 35-A soon after the announcement of American mediation offer indicates the colonial and Ibleesi powers are supporting Modi.
To another question, the TNFJ chief said other than Pakistan, only Iranian Parliament and people have supported the cause of Kashmiris and have condemned India putting their economic interests on the back-burner. He said the proscribed parties are present in every institution including the Pakistan Ideology Council, Auqaf Board and Ulema Board which is contrary to the Action Plan. He lamented that heads of the proscribed parties are being awarded with gifts. He said release of master mind of the APS incident and facilitators of the extremist groups is adding fuel to the fire as far as the persons affected by terrorism are concerned. He demanded that Taburkaat at the shrine of Sultan-ul-Fuqara Hazrat Bari Imam (R.A.) may be restored while the Imambargah adjacent to the shrine of Sakhi Mehmood Badshah in Islamabad and the shrine of great spiritual elder Badshah Mir Anwar may be opened for public.
Agha Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi also announced the 16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram. He said the organisers of Majalis should strictly following this Code and also make others to follow it in letter and spirit. These 16 points are: (1) Federal Interior Ministry and Provincial Governments may set up Muharram Azadari Cells which should be publicized through media, and like in the past, may be directed to attach themselves and coordinate with the Muharram Committee of the Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya (Azadari Cell) so as to resolve all possible problems; (2) The Government may ensure implementation of the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi Agreement for organizing Majalis and bringing out Matmi processions of Muharramul Haram; (3) The Administration may fully cooperate with the organisers of Majalis from local to higher level. No such order may be enforced that may encroach upon the rights of the mourners; (4) Azadari is not against any person or Maslak rather it is a peaceful protest and basic right of the oppressed and the have-nots against oppression and brutality and providing it protection under the Pakistan Constitution is the responsibility of the Government; (5) Every provision of the National Action Plan may be implemented, proscribed groups working with new names may be stopped from operating, and no one may be allowed to take law into their own hands; (6) Names of peaceful, innocent and honourable personalities may be taken out from the Schedule IV; (7) Timely protective measures may be taken at sensitive places; arrangements for cleanliness and lights may be made on the routes of Majalis and procession and load-shedding may not be exercised. The organisers of Majalis and Matmi processions may also make arrangements for lights and cleanliness; (8) Religion, Maktab, beliefs and ideologies of one another may be fully respected, provocative addresses should be avoided and brotherhood and mutual understanding may be promoted. Practical proof of spirit of nationalism may be given at every level, and honour and dignity of all schools of thought and even that of minorities may be taken care of; (9) No residential accommodation may be rented out to any stranger and complete identity record of the lessors may be kept intact; (10) Niaz and Sabeel material may not be received without prior confirmation and checking and vehicles may only be allowed to the Azadari places after a thorough search; (11) Political parties may keep the political activities suspended during the Ashra-e-Muharram and give priority to remembering Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.); (12) Media may highlight the sacrifices of the Shuhada-e-Karbala in a positive manner and musical and comedy programmes and dramas may be suspended during the Ashra-e-Muharram; (13) Discipline and timings in Majalis and processions may be taken care of at every cost and any step that may be contrary to the spirit of Azadari may be avoided; (14) Women may follow the seerat of Mukhaderat-e-Ismat and Taharat and men may follow the seerat of Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) and Sahaba Kubaar (R.A.); (15) The organisers of Majalis may strictly following the Code of Azadari and also make others to follow it in letter and spirit; and (16) Everyone should keep in mind that Azadari is our jugular vein on which no interference or hurdle from any side will be accepted.
Agha Moosavi said this year Muharramul Haram is coming in such situations when the Ibleesi conspiracies are on their heights; Afghanistan, Iraq, Mogadishu, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Rohingya, Palestine, and Kashmir are hit by confusion, instability, civil war, unrest, and bloodshed owing to apathy on the part of Muslim rulers. The Muslim blood has become very cheap; lakhs of innocent Muslims have been murdered while more than that were spending helpless life in jails, honour and chastity of women is being trampled and these incidents are increasing the day in and day out. Palestinians are confronted by oppression and brutality of Netanyahu and Kashmiris that of Modi. Israel has made Palestine their hostage on the desire of international chief of terrorists Israel. Bait Al-Maqdus has been declared capital of Israel. Golan Heights have been occupied. Modi has slapped in the face of the United Nations by revoking Articles 370 and 35-A. Netanyahu and Modi both have put the United Nations Resolutions on the point of their shoes while India is refusing to accept more than half a dozen Resolutions passed by the United Nations in favour of the right of self-determination for Kashmiris which is tantamount to tearing the international laws apart. After Palestine, the hottest issue at present is that of Kashmir, therefore, we have to declare that the existing international problems are not only that of Muslims but of the whole humanity. Therefore world can be turned into a hub of peace by resolving the long-standing issues of Kashmir and Palestine keeping to the desires of the respective people and in line with the United Nations Resolutions.
The TNFJ chief said that Muharramul Haram is the month of remembering the most tragic incident of Karbala written by the Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.) as a golden chapter of human history by kissing the Shahadat-e-Uzma. This incident earned the hearts of humanity through their sacrifices. This great battle is giving an enlightening effect like moon and the Sun amongst tragic incidents of human and Shariah history. When Yazid took over the reins of power, he announced that no angel came and no ‘Wahi’ was sent and the family of Bani Hashim had only made a fake propaganda (God forbid) for the Thorne. Therefore, Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.) confronted with Yazid considering this act as his responsibility bestowed on him by Allah and sacrificed for the religion of Allah and the Shariat of his grandfather (Nana) Muhammad (SAAW) along with his small army comprising 72 near and dear ones.
Agha Moosavi said that Imam Hussain (A.S.) gave a new lease of life to Islam through shedding his blood and that of his near and dear ones in the hot plain of Karbala. The Beemar-e-Karbala Imam Sajjad (A.S.) highlighted the helplessness of his Mazloom Baba Ghareeb-e-Nainwa unforgettable memory through the shedding blood-tears and heart-rending Khutbaat. He said the enemy forces should keep in their mind that the whole nation is standing behind the Pakistan’s Armed Forces and the security institutions for the protection of religion and motherland and every conspiracy and mischief of the enemy will the thwarted by following the Asswa-e-Hussaini (A.S.).
The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said: “We also reiterate our resolve to continue our struggle to disseminate the message of Hussainiyyat with mutual unity and brotherhood in the light of the sayings of Ahle Bait (A.S.) and commandments of Quran. We will never rest until we get the oppressed world (Palestine and Kashmir) rid of international Ibleesi powers by observing the Gham-e-Hussain (A.S.) in the shadow of Parcham-e-Abbas (A.S.).”

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