Mr Prime Minister, you are wrong!

One wonders as to what made Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to make such a wrong statement at this crucial juncture of period. Yes while talking to the foreign journalists, PM Imran has said that if the incumbent PM of India wins the general elections being held from April to May 2019, the relations between India and Pakistan will improve as also the Kashmir problem will be solved.
While the PM of Pakistan has every right to vent his views, but his assessment about Modi is not only wrong but also faulty. Everyone in Pakistan as well as the entire world knows that Indian PM Modi is a hardliner rightist, anti-Muslim from the core of his heart and a staunch believer in HINDUVTA whose followers do not believe in secularism as mentioned in the Indian constitution. He has been threatening Pakistan and would again attack Pakistan as he did previously by attacking Balakot and claimed that he has destroyed the camps of Jashe Mohammad, a baseless claim by him and his fanatic army.
As a matter of fact, Pakistani army and air force has given a befitting reply to his international crime of violating Pakistani air space, as his one MIG aircraft was destroyed and his pilot was captured which Pakistan returned as a gesture of goodwill. But the Indian PM is so fanatics in his approach that he did not acknowledge our goodwill gesture and instead as per his order the situation at LoC remains tense and unabated firing continues, resulting in killing of innocent civilians and also the army jawans. This situation at LoC and international border might flare up, leading to full-fledged war between the two armed nuclear powers.
As such, PM Imran Khan should know that if Modi wins the general election in India, he will create more problems for Pakistan and the innocent people of occupied Kashmir. Definitely he will not initiate dialogue with Pakistan or discuss the Kashmir issue rather he will, through his agents in Pakistan, try to destabilize Pakistan and its already fragile economy. Modi, as I know, from his various statements, will seek the support of Israel and other anti-Pakistan countries to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear weapons to weaken Pakistan so as to establish his hegemony over entire South Asia. The Indian Muslims who have been living in perpetual fear of BJP hardliner Hindu extremist organisation RSS will not vote for BJP rather they might vote for Congress and other regional parties to defeat BJP and his allied parties. Even for an ordinary Pakistani the winning of Modi in Indian elections will be a bad omen as threat of war between Pakistan and India will further increase, there will be no sign of peace in South Asia. It is therefore in this back ground, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi has rightly asked the international community to help create conditions for peace by persuading India to hold parleys with Pakistan and resolve the Kashmir issue, the bone of contention between two countries. If the Kashmir dispute could not be resolved with the assistance of international community, the peace will not prevail in South Asia and so the armed race in this most volatile region in the world, even the nuclear war might take place because of India’s bellicose design.

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