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NAB approves 7 probes against revenue officials


KARACHI: A regional board meeting (RBM) was held today at NAB Karachi, under the chairmanship of Director General NAB Karachi, The meeting was attended by Directors of 03 Investigation Wings their respective investigation teams of cases. Legal wing and concerned experts, says a Press release.

Subsequent to consultative deliberation, following cases were approved:
On the basis of an inquiry, 06 separate investigations were authorized against the officers of Revenue Department for keeping fake and forged entries in the Revenue record, with respect to Deh Songal, Scheme-33, Karachi, which involve 75-0 acres of precious Government land. The revenue officials, prima facie, in connivance with private persons, maintained the bogus entries with respect to State land in order to illegally favor certain private individuals, by showing the entries as maintained in 1970’s, by way of forgery.

After the conclusion of inquiry, the case was authorized into investigation against the revenue authorities of District Hyderabad, on the charges established in inquiry, regarding illegal sale of amenity plot, which was a municipal playground (Government land) located at a main road of Hyderabad.

The revenue officials in connivance with 02 private persons, namely Allah Dino Khokhar and Allahuddin Samoo, managed the sale of 08 acres of amenity plot to the above said private persons, on the basis of bogus revenue documents.

On the conclusion of inquiry, the case was recommended to NAB HQ, Islamabad, for conversion into investigation against one Shehzad Yousuf and his accomplices on the charges of cheating public at large.

The accused, Shehzad Yousuf, was arrested and remanded to NAB Karachi on 17-03-2018 and is under the custody of NAB Karachi.

The accused had been impersonating and falsely presenting himself as Assistant Director of NAB under various names and used to extort money from various persons, on the false promise of getting them relief in bogus NAB cases, thus has blackmailed several innocent persons and Government officials, particularly of Local Government Departments of Punjab and Sindh. Several complainants have recorded their statements and submitted their claims of Rs.13 million defrauded by the accused.

DG NAB, at the end of the board meeting said that under the able guidance of Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB reiterates its resolve to proceed against the corrupt elements and deal with them with an iron hand. He said that the policy of “Accountability for All” given by Chairman NAB, Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal, is a source of inspiration and a beacon light of guidance, according to which NAB would undertake investigative cases against all the corrupt elements, without any discrimination.