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Nas ja Tower in Karachi


KARACHI: “Take a notice that you are requested to vacate the building i.e. Nasla Tower within 15 days,” the residents of the building received the notice by the authorities of Karachi, with heavy heart and in shock and guessing now where to go for shelter. This 17 word notice affected 44 families and they abided by it and vacated their homes.
How fair had it been if the authorities have earlier informed the public that the building is being constructed on a encroached plot and so purchasing the apartments or shops will be at their own risk. But it never happened and now the inmates are out of their homes abiding the notice.
Nasla means, a breed of animal, in Urdu it means “Nasal Barhana”. Frankly it is not breeding but it is killing the sentiments of many who lived there. Demolition of buildings have long history, many buildings across the globe had been demolished voluntarily by controlled explosion or other means. 270 Avenue Park in New York constructed in 1960 was demolished in 2021. Singer building in America constructed way back in 1908 came down in 1968 and CPF building in Singapore built in 1976 was demolished in 2017.
Around 200, 000 to 300, 000 homes every year are demolished as they become unlivable. The story of Nasla Tower is different and can only be termed as bizarre and highest level of incompetency by the Administration.
The Supreme Court has ordered to demolish the building and also directed the builders to refund the money to the registered buyers of residential and commercial units within three months.
Currently Nasla Tower is being demolished, bricks after bricks and the structure is coming down gradually. Now it has to be been seen whether the authorities of Karachi can implement the Apex Court’s order to return the money to the affectees within three months, or as Nasla Tower has become Nasja Tower, the Karachi authorities will say to the affectees, “NASJA”.