Our national security and the threat within

Of late it has been seen that in spite of hybrid war imposed on us and its presence acknowledged by all the political parties unfortunately our leaders at all levels are not taking it seriously. At present country is faced with multifarious domestic problems coupled with outside pressure impresses upon us the urgent need of showing unity and nation being on one page on national issues we are witnessing widening of gap between government and opposition parties. Instead chalking out some strategy it appears that nobody is interested. Political parties are engaged in unending battle amongst them and are busy in point scoring without realizing its ramifications.

Pakistan’s geographical position is unique by nature and its importance cannot be ignored or over emphasized and this fact is known to all powers that matter. We could exploit this great strategic position to our maximum advantage but due to disunity at national level we lost this golden opportunity mainly due to visionless and incompetent leadership. How unfortunate it is to hear from Bilawal raising his voice in support of Baluchistan missing persons knowing full well that it is sheer propaganda against Pakistan by our enemies who want to destabilize Pakistan by every means at their disposal, it is just politicking to get sympathies of like minded people paid agents and our enemies. It was further shocking when he talked about Manzoor Pashteen and his followers knowing full well their leanings and credentials. While mentioning them he should as a matter of fact being leader of major political party should have been careful keeping in mind at least Pakistan’s stand on these important issues.

It was very unfortunate that his entire speech was out of context and he altogether forgot that he was addressing people on the 11 death anniversary of his mother. No doubt he is immature and needs proper grooming but what about those senior politicians who are always surrounding him why they did not advise him as to what should he speak.

Why our politicians are oblivion to our national security? Before we comment on national security our perception should be very clear in our mind, therefore it is important to define what we really understand when we talk about national security. In brief National Security always refers to the security of nation state, including its citizens, economy and institutions, and is regarded duty of every state smaller or bigger and to maintain it is the responsibility of the state. Originally conceived as protection against military attack but now national security is widely understood to include non military dimensions, security from terrorism, crime, economic security, energy security, environmental security, food security, and cyber security. Similarly national security risks include action by violent non state actors, narcotics cartel and multinational corporations. Government utilizes its political, economic and military power as well as diplomacy to enforce national security. If we accept this definition then it becomes our joint responsibility to protect it.

Somehow or the other a group of intellectuals and section of media has created an impression as if army decides what is national security and their word is final. It is not correct as custodians of territorial obligations role of armed forces is predominant that does not mean they are separate entity. As the word suggests national security therefore encompasses collective responsibility of people, government and law enforcement agencies and the perception created that perhaps army takes decision independently is not correct.

No one can operate independently and in isolation. It is also true that the term national security at times may become a pretext for suppressing unfavorable political and social views that may be inevitable keeping in view the surrounding circumstances. Therefore it also imposes some sort of check and balance so that red lines are not crossed. But this can be overcome with good governance and close coordination. Since Pakistan is still struggling and fighting war with terrorists who cross over to Pakistan and have links in Pakistan joined by anti state elements and facilitators therefore we must be very careful. If that be the case, if some punitive action like suppression of individual rights and freedom is checked or curtailed it should not neither be objected nor criticized but seen in the context it is being used. But these should remain in force in the larger interest of state.

It is no more a secret that India continues to play its dirty role against Pakistan and Nirander Modi’s latest outbursts against Pakistan should be an eye opener for Pakistan when he said Pakistan is not going to change and mend its ways. The point to understand is that India has not changed its narrative against Pakistan. It is mainly due to support of world powers that keep buying Indian narrative against Pakistan and are not prepared to listen to us. He wants to carry on with anti Pakistan propaganda and is using it as main tool and has converted this hatred in to election winning slogan but people of India have rejected the policies of Narrandera Modi and he shall face tough time in coming elections.
It is true Pakistan has learned through hot ways but has now adopted right line of direction but success depends on unity amongst various stake holders and not engaging themselves in local fight that would take us away from our national objectives and goals set by the government and this will only help our enemies I hope politicians are listening!

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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