Nawaz shifted back to Adiala Jail after condition stabilizes

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been shifted back to Adiala Jail after his condition reportedly stabilised at Islamabad’s Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), sources disclosed Tuesday.
The deposed premier’s health was improving as results of the tests, conducted in the last two days, indicated, said the hospital sources, adding that the decision to move him back to the prison was taken as Sharif himself was insisting to do so.
A medical board, formed to examine Sharif, had conducted all tests and monitored his blood-pressure, sugar level and heart beat today. He was also advised echocardiogram and ultrasound tests in coming days.
The deposed prime minister was taken to the prison from backdoor of the cardiac centre of the Islamabad hospital, sources said, adding that the protocol and armoured vehicles were parked in front of the cardiac centre as a security measure.
Sharif and his daughter Maryam were arrested on July 13, minutes after they returned to the country seeking to revitalise their flagging party ahead of the July 25 national election.
Earlier in the day, the caretaker government had ruled out the option of moving Nawaz abroad and maintained that the PML-N supremo was recovering well at PIMS.
Speaking to the media in Lahore, Punjab’s caretaker home minister Shaukat Javed assured that Sharif is feeling much better after getting medical attention at the hospital and there is nothing alarming to report about his health.
The deposed premier was shifted from Adiala Jail to PIMS as a precautionary measure on his personal physician’s recommendation, said Javed, adding that Pakistan had all the facilities necessary for treating heart patients and there was no need to take Sharif abroad.
The caretaker provincial minister said bringing the patient’s medical history from London was not a big deal and the same can be arranged in ‘five minutes’. He said the three-time premier has been taking home-cooked meals as per the directives.
The interim home minister said that Maryam Nawaz has not sent any application seeking to attend to her father at PIMS.
Sharif’s hospital ward was declared a sub-jail after the former premier was shifted to PIMS from Adiala Jail on Sunday night. Sharif complained of pain in chest and arms. Doctors requested jail authorities to transfer him to a hospital so he may be given emergency cardiac attention.
Agencies add: Earlier today, according to reports given by the doctors of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital suggested that the medical condition of former premier Nawaz Sharif is improving.
According to doctors, the reports of most of the tests, conducted yesterday, were normal, however, a team of doctors from cardiac center will again examine Nawaz Sharif today. ECG (electrocardiogram) and all other tests will be conducted again.
On July 29, the caretaker Punjab government shifted former premier Nawaz Sharif to the PIMS hospital for treatment due to deteriorating health, from Adiala jail where he has been serving sentence awarded to him in the Avenfield properties case.
Interim Home Minister Shaukat Javed told a private television channel that the government decided to shift him to the hospital after his blood tests showed clotting.
Sources said security was put on high alert including heavy contingent of police in armoured vehicles were deployed to the hospital, while bomb disposal squad cleared the hospital premises and its surroundings after thorough inspection. Snipers have also been deployed on buildings around the hospital.
The chief commissioner Islamabad has declared the cardiology department a sub-jail. A notification to this effect read that the status of the department would remain a sub-jail till Nawaz will be discharged from the hospital.

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