When Nawaz speaks Indian narrative

Agha Masood

The legally ousted corrupt prime minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to the lawyers at Punjab house has said that Sheikh Mujeeb was patriotic Pakistani but was made anti-Pakistan by the establishment. His knowledge and interpretation of history is very poor, all of a sudden he has become a historian in own way although has hardly read any history book about the factors that were responsible for the creation of Bangladesh. There was a time when he used to say his friends in Lahore that the then government committed a grave mistake by releasing Shaikh Mujeeb and made him hero. The genuine writers and historians know very well how India used Sheikh Mujeeb to meet her interest by separating East Pakistan from the West. The present prime minister of India Mr Modi openly said in Bangladesh last year that the Indian army helped the establishment of Bangladesh by siding with anti-Pakistan forces in former East Pakistan. and even now he been planning to destabilise Pakistan through proxy like Nawaz Sharif Mr. Modi further said that Sheikh Mujeeb was our man in former East Pakistan. The daughter of Sheikh Mujeeb Mrs. Haseena Wajid had disclosed in an interview with an Indian newspaper that my father was planning to separate East Pakistan since 1965. Every knowledgeable person in Pakistan knows the link of the ousted prime ministerNawaz Sharif with Modi and the leading Indian businessmen. However, the big question is why Nawaz is challenging the state institutions? Perhaps there is someone in his close circle to misguide him by challenging the judiciary which also implied to the army as well. His narrative is very close to Indians who want Pakistan remains in perpetual chaos threatening its economic growth and stability.
Mr Nawaz Sharif present predicament is understandable, he has been caught red handed in corruption of massive scale and wants he should not be pressurized to bring back the looted money of the nation or be sent to the jail. He was put to power three times because of the kindness of the establishment, he was never been elected democratically rather rigging the election by some rogue elements of the election commission as well spending huge money to purchase voters His anger with judiciary is not knew, his supporters in the past at his behest had attacked the judicial complex Islamabad and wanted to kill justice Sajjad Ali Shah the then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Who saved his life by running through the back door of the apex court. He is a class intriguer and has learnt how to buy the conscious of the people, he was groomed by Gen Zia and the illegal wealth he has a messed since his coming to power first in Punjab cabinet and then in the centre with the help of agencies and the members of corrupt bureaucracy. Today he is in possession of three hundred billion rupees as well other assets in Pakistan and abroad. He was rightly charged sheeted by the JIT and then the final verdict by honourable five judges of the Supreme Court. Since then he has been addressing the rallies and openly defaming the judiciary for giving a judgment about him. Now he is challenging the state and toeing the line of India by narrating the past history supporting the past deeds of anti-Pakistan elements like Sheikh Mujeeb thereby sending the message to the establishment that he can do the same if pushed to the wall. I think Mr Nawaz has gone crazy and stretching him too much out of his boots to see he lends himself in a very precarious situation.