Nawaz’s another blunder, no surrender!

All eyes are set on 13 July when Nawaz Sharif and Marium Nawaz plane lands in Lahore. Marium Nawaz has asked PML N workers to come in large numbers to receive them at Lahore Airport. It is expected that it will be action replay as we witnessed during 1986 when Benazir Bhutto returned from self exile.

Flight on 13 July carrying Nawaz Sharif and his daughter is historic flight as their status is of confirmed accused sentenced by NAB last Friday. Being responsible citizen and leader of largest party should have surrendered himself at the airport rather than asking for grand reception at the airport.He has good vote bank in Punjab and Lahore is his home constituency therefore it is going to be greatest show. Shahbaz Sharif has also called special meetings for according his brother special reception.But such receptions life is short lived but shall leave bad memories.

The clashes are bound to take place, with such large crowd government always avoid to take extreme measures as such steps further add fuel and people become more violent that results in few deaths and destruction of government and private property . Media shall create hype and would accuse government not being tactful. Since PML N is in no mood to reconcile and has decided to go for confrontation therefore no one can change their mind. The hawks of party are in no mood to compromise for smooth sailing.On the other hand Shahbaz is double minded and crossing the red lines. He has left it to Marium and Nawaz to say anything to army and judiciary,and this is nothing new. Nawaz has never been comfortable with army although he was brought up and grown by Zia-ul-HAQ.

Question arises why this course is being preferred.It is no more a secret that Nawaz Sharif is not happy with Khakies and he believes that it is all doing of Khalai Makhlooq, I am intentionally using this terminology. PML N efforts are that on 13 July to control the mob army should be deployed so that mob and army clashes to gain maximum advantage, but it is hoped that army shall be kept away and only Rangers and Police should be deployed.All advance preparations by government deployment of force does not deter the mob as they are trained for such occasions. Whisking away Nawaz and Marium from airport would be a bad choice, it will draw more sympathies. If Nawaz Sharif had decided to come earlier and appeared in the court to listen the judgement would have been to his great advantage because there is no change in the health of Kulsoom Nawaz, we all pray for her early recovery from illness

Another question that is agitating minds of people is about elections being deferred in case protests linger on.Desire of certain elements and enemies of Pakistan still trying to present a picture where intervention of army cannot be ruled out, but that may not happen because our kitty is empty with falling reserves and dollars going up army cannot indulge in this adventure.

More or less all political parties are talking about pre poll rigging, imagine what will happen after the elections, a very horrifying picture shall emerge. Political parties confrontation and hostile attitude against each other is not going to give benefit to any of them but likely to bring harm to the country. Party leaders become helpless when mob turns to violence no one can control them. Assurances by political leaders ensuring peaceful procession is just a hoax.

Lastly once again press conference by DG ISPR was in bad taste and there was no need to clarify the issues like allotment of Jeep symbol to Ch Nisar. When army is restricting its role to cater only law and order,let the clarifications be given by ECP and the Ministry of Interior. It is time ISPR remains quiet on political matters and avoid Tweets.
We do hope good sense will prevail on the part of all political parties and avoid making Tamasha of Elections as the entire world shall be watching, But who cares?

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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