Nawaz’s return to Pakistan

In the wake of huge corruption evidence against former ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, the NAB decision against the duo has not come as surprise.

He has been awarded punishment for ten years and his daughter seven years in prison for various corruption cases including the London flats which are the properties of Nawaz Sharif bought through illegal money.

His son-in-law Captain Safdar has been given one year’s term as a punishment. Before his arrest Capt Safdar addressed rally of his supporter criticizing the establishment.

It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a convict was allowed to address the rally without any substantial reasons condemning the NAB decision, the establishment and other state institutions. The same attitude was adopted by Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz rejecting the decision of the NAB court while calling his supporters to come in the streets and show your anger against the decision and supporting them.

In other words Nawaz Sharif is now out to fight against the establishment supported by few fools and outside powers who think that they can disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Pakistan leading to the postponement of the elections.

Nawaz Sharif case is very simple, he wants his illegal money to be saved while he wants his supporters to welcome him as a hero. His London media conference clearly manifest that he is bent upon to create chaotic conditions in Pakistan to hide his mega crimes.

Some leaders of his party are hand in glove with him on this issue but they might not disturb the peaceful atmosphere as they follow the dictate of Shahbaz Sharif who does not want confrontation with the establishment, he rightly believes that Pakistan has been surrounded by the enemies including India to destabilize it and provoke people to come out on the streets to show their affinity with Nawaz Sharif.

To my mind if Muslim League takes the course of confrontation, the establishment will not tolerate it now as in the past Nawaz Sharif and his daughter have been using bad language for them to hide their corruption and other crimes as well to confuse the mind of their workers about the truth regarding the corruption cases against them.

Nawaz Sharif wrongly thinks that he has not committed any crime nor he is involved in any corruption but facts speak otherwise.

He thinks he is a popular leader and while he arrives on Friday his party workers will save him from being arrested, he is mistaken. Instead of playing at the hands of his foreign masters who want to further dismember Pakistan he should contest the cases in courts and if the courts finds him innocent, he should feel free and lead a normal life as a leader of his party.

However the people of Pakistan have not forgotten his deep links with India, how he received the Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi at Lahore airport and drove him to his palace where he had some secret talks now known to everyone in Pakistan.

Mr Nawaz Sharif is now greatest security threat to Pakistan, his actions and words undoubtedly speak volume of his hatred against the establishment.

On the other hand his brother Shahbaz Sharif who is now the president of Pakistan Muslim League-N does not want any confrontation with establishment, he has already warned his workers not to take law in their hands, remain peaceful and participate in the forthcoming elections to express their solidarity with the party leaders. Let’s see how the sane advice of Shahbaz Sharif prevails and the Pakistan Muslim League-N workers obey him and remain peaceful on Friday when Nawaz Sharif and his daughter arrive from London.

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