New FG, Sindh govts urged to enhance Karachi budget

KARACHI: Largest metropolis city of the region demands deserving attention by incoming federal and provincial governments, stated by Commissioner, Karachi Division, Muhammed Sualeh Ahmad Faruqui, while visiting SITE Association of Industry, says a Press release.
He said that taking into consideration revenue generated by Karachi it is dire need to enhance its development budget from Rs. 25 billion, as the current allocated budget could not cater the need, as per World Bank study Karachi need US$10 billion to develop its infrastructure within 10 years
He added that there is a need to create Karachi Development Fund to address issues for peaceful metropolis. He emphasized on creating sense of ownership and collective efforts for betterment the lives of Karachiites
He underscores the role of financial institutions, business and industrial community, private institutions and organizations to come forward and play their role in development of their own city.
Describing the mega project Green Line and Mass Transit project, he informed that the total cost of the project approved was of Rs.16 billion for 21 km, out of which only 3.4 km was elevated portion. Later due to several bottlenecks and improvements the elevated portion was enhanced to 11.7 km while several other additions were also made such as Fly over (interchange) at Board office which was not included in the initial budget. However, he said that this is one of its kind projects with complete transparency and we have saved lot of money.
He also informed that from Surjani to Guru Mandir the road is completed and within one month this lane would be operational either with new dedicated buses; special or conventional means of transport. Taking into consideration the highest ridership, the project extended its route from Guru Mandir to Tower. In order to complete the route and to facilitate passengers one of its kind bus terminal is under construction at KGA ground which would be total underground without affecting any roads, budget has been allocated and work has been started. He informed that SITE industrial area would be connected to the Green Line through Feeder buses.
Under Karachi Package announced by the Prime Minister, three main corridors from Manghopir Mazar to Banaras onward to Loveline bridge and Nishtar road will be reconstructed after laying of water lines. Funds are available and the work is in full swing, but due to bottlenecks it would be completed with 8-9 months.
On the issue of cleaning and solid waste management, he instructed Ms. Shadia Jaffer, DC West; Khair Muhammad, MD SITE Limited to sit together with SITE Association of Industry along with DMC and KMC officials and report to him on Monday for cleaning of nallas and roads.
On the issue of plantation he said that concorpus is now being replaced with original plants species of Karachi and in replacement of one concorpus plant they are planting 3-4 plants project route they have already remove thousands of these plants. On the Green line He added that within few days he would be having a meeting in which SITE Association is also invited where he would make a presentation of geo tagging of plants, an app has been developed with the help of local educational centers.
President SITE Association of Industry, Muhammad Javed Bilwani, in his welcome speech, appreciated the efforts of Muhammed Sualeh Ahmad Faruqui, Commissioner, Karachi Division with respect to approval of CETP from ECNEC, allocation of funds from both provincial and federal government; as Principal Sectary to the Governor Sindh he worked hard for getting approval of Rs.3 billion package for three main corridors, facilitating the residents of Orangi Town, Nazimabad to get easy excess to Lyari Expressway; completion
and inauguration of Lyari Expressway are also landmarks achieved by him.
Applauding efforts of Faruqui, he said that Sindh government should consider in continuation of his services as Commissioner Karachi for next 3-years, so that projects should be implemented in time. Javed Bilwani highlighted the issue of stamp duty imposed on industries as per 1860 Act, which should be abolished in view of current e-banking and online services.
Zubair Motiwala, former Chairman of SITE Association seconded the views of Javed and requested Commissioner Karachi to also look into the matter of water supply as the water is available but only 565 mgd are pumped into the system so that tanker prices can be increased as per wishes of tanker mafia.
He also asserted on the need of improving the outlook and image of Karachi by regularizing katchi abdis on Turkish-Istanbul model. He said that we don’t have to inform you conditions and problems of Karachi, as you are one of us and you are more aware of all the impediments and problems of Karachi.
Tariq Yusuf taking part in the discussion highlighted the issue of restaurants on main roads and at ICI bridge where heavy vehicles are parked on one side creating traffic jams for hours. Commissioner Karachi takes note of it and assured that action would be taken.
Junaid Makda highlighted the issue of ratifying 27 international conventions to maintain GSP+ status for Pakistan in EU, out of which only one legislation has been made with respect to anti-human trafficking while if only six conventions are being legislated with regard to environment it would be a great help for industries to export to EU.

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