New US sanctions on Iran leaders

New US sanctions against Iran’s supreme leader and foreign minister have cut off diplomacy. US President Donald Trump signed a highly placed order levying sanctions against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other senior personalities. Trump’s government is annihilating the established international device for maintaining world serenity and safety. President Hassan Rouhani mentioned sanctions against Khamenei would have no realistic influence because he had no property. Rouhani and his cabinet function Iran’s everyday affairs while Khamenei, in power following 1989, is Iran’s final power. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated the conditions around Iran were developing toward a hazardous plot. Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, visiting Israel, reaffirmed past offers to hold talks, as long as Iran was desiring to go further the terms of a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers which Trump abandoned last year. The United States has meted out disabling economic sanctions against Iran since last year, when Trump withdrew from an agreement between Tehran and world powers to retain Iran’s nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions. The trouble has risen bitterly since last month, when the Trump government strengthened the sanctions, directing all countries to restrict purchases of Iranian oil. According to Washington 2015 previous agreement did not go long way because it is not permanent and does not cover issues beyond the nuclear program, for example missiles Iran says there is no justification negotiating with Washington when it has desecrated a deal that was already reached. The downing of the US drone which Iran states was over its air space and the United States say was international skies. The United States and some regional allies have accused Iran for attacks on tankers in the Gulf, which Tehran reject. Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev supported Iran, stating the drone was in Iranian airspace when it was shot down and that the proof of the tanker attacks was of inferior quality and amateur, not sufficient to come to outcome. In the middle of a visit to Jerusalem, Patrushev also stated that it was not satisfactory to depict Iran as a menace to international security and called for check to help disable the situation. Washington says forcing Iran to the table is the object of its sanctions. Tehran has said it is wishing to talk if the United States lifts the new sanctions first, even though statements appear to stiffen that position. Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo went to the Middle East to meet leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Arab states that benefit the strongest possible force against Iran. US envoy on Iran, Brian Hook, is visiting Europe, where he is possibly not to get any good reception from allies who support the nuclear deal. They consider Trump’s decision to leave the accord was an error that has boosted Iran’s tough-line group. Iran answers it still target to conform to the nuclear deal, but cannot do so endlessly unless it receives some gains. It has granted European countries until July 8 to find a way to safeguard its economy from US sanctions; else it will enrich uranium to grades banned under the deal.
US have initiated cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems. The cyber-attack, carried out on, dis abled computer systems rocket and missile launchers and was launched in revenge for the shooting down of a US drone that same day, as well as attacks on oil tankers that the US has blamed Iran for. Waste from a downed US drone recovered inside Iran’s territorial waters, showed by the Revolutionary Guard in Tehran. Trump mentioned that he decided against a military strike because the possible loss of human lives was not corresponding to shooting down an unmanned drone.
In Kuwait, the US special representative for Iran, Brian Hook, pressed all nations to use their respectable effort to urge Iran to reduce and meet statesmanship with diplomacy. Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, emphasized he is doing what he can surround by the enlarged antagonism. Trump aimed at Khamenei and other high Iranian officials with sanctions on, in an unusual move to accelerate pressure on Iran after Tehran’s downing of an unmanned US drone. The objects of the new sanctions comprise senior military figures in Iran, freezing their access to any financial assets under US control. They also work to deny Khamenei’s and his close aides’ approach to money and support. The decision to sanction the supreme leader would likely not have huge influence. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has not left Iran in over 30 years since he was president in 1989. The final time he left Iran was on a state visit to China in April 1989. The announcement that Iranian foreign minister would be sanctioned has come as a blow in Iran. He was at the UN for many years. He is known as the presence of the Islamic Republic on the international shape. The US president has mentioned that he does not desire war with Iran. Trump sent his top diplomats the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton to the Middle East to bolster support against Iran. Pompeo mentioned he was anticipating that more than 20 countries, comprising the UAE and Saudi Arabia, would work together on building maritime safety in the Gulf, which is an origin of major oil supplies in the world. Nevertheless the new sanctions will be highly proposal; the fundamental communication could heighten the situation even further.

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