KARACHI: Professor Nadeem Qamar, is posted as Executive Director, NICVD allegedly bypassing the seniority list in 2015. Dr. Qamar was retired on 9th of 2018, however was rehired on contract basis for the period of four years, notification issued by SGA&CD without mentioning Terms of Conditions, which itself is an act of violation of Seniority list of Doctors.
As per available record, Dr Qamar has allegedly withdrawn approx Rs.250 million from NICVD as per following details, including cash drawl of amounting Rs.120 million from NICVD accounts against Salaries and Allowances: In 2018: Rs.49,456,811; In 2019 Rs.33,575,686; and in 2020 Rs.53,391,947.
Dr. Qamar is already on bail, and under trial in NAB court with other officers, due to alleged involvement in corruption of billions, illegally appointments, misuse of authority, irregularities in procurement process violation of SPRA rules etc.
Dr Qamar is not only enjoying perks here but also millions of rupees kickbacks for purchasing substandard stents and medicines. Pakistan People’s Party is allegedly giving him out of the way support to strengthen his rule.