No other option – Solution lies in Presidential system

A debate is going on about changing democratic form of government to presidential form of government. One can write books in favor and against both the systems but having seen the two systems for over 72 years a logical conclusion can be drawn to adopt a particular system. It requires patience and listening to arguments and not beating about the bush. If we keep criticizing the past rulers we can never reach to any conclusions. What happened in the past is history and cannot be re written but one can learn lessons and correct the future line of direction.
From 1947 till 1958 it was purely a democratic rule in the country with no interference whatsoever from army. But these 11 years have been very painful and full of turmoil where there was no stability and politicians were busy in pulling each other’s legs and thus changing the prime ministers in quick succession making joke of the country. This was happening when Pakistan was faced with enormous problems like rehabilitation of refugees, unemployment, shortage of resources, shortage of funds, health problems, water issue and burning issue of Kashmir and problems of East Pakistan that was thousands miles away with limited communication network. We had only air and sea route. No one realized the gravity of situation and during these 11 years we only saw politicians grappling each other as a result we saw 7 prime ministers in this short period
Seeing this dirty game of politicians President Iskander Mirza imposed Martial Law in the country on 7 October 1958 and appointed Gen Ayub Khan as CMLA. Mind you it was a democratic president and the democracy was in its full swing. It is alleged that Iskander Mirza planned to remove Ayub Khan and bring man of his own choice ( As was done by Nawaz Sharif) to become absolute dictator but the news leaked out and Iskander Mirza was removed and Ayub Khan assumed full control of the country on 27 Oct 1958.In fact he wanted Presidential form of government, had he taken in to confidence Gen Ayub things would have been different
There was great jubilation in the country and people welcomed the change and distributed sweets for weeks to celebrate the change. Ayub Khan started clean up process and in process disqualified corrupt politicians along with large number of civil servants. He introduced Basic Democracies system in which even a cobbler could become member. Total of 80000 members were elected to form Electoral College who would elect the president. I was Assistant Polling officer of first Basic Democracy elections held in Jan 1960 never seen such peaceful elections in my life. People lined up and waited for their turn without any hulla gulla outside the polling station. There was no question of any impersonation of bogus votes. It was wonderful experience to see people casting their votes peacefully and in orderly manner. He was elected president and lifted martial law in 1962.It was a presidential form of government with proper representation of provinces
Under dynamic leadership of Ayub Khan it was a glorious period in Pakistan’s history. He started with industrial reforms and established industries throughout Pakistan without any interference, there was no question of allocation of funds to members, there was no question of any black mailing as we witness in democratic form of government. He established PIDC for the purpose of making new industries. He picked up most dedicated officers who gave excellent results. It must be stated categorically it was his reforms that we are deriving its benefits and fruits even today.
President Ayub Khan went on official visit to USA in 1961. It was most memorable visit in the history of Pakistan when President Kennedy along with his cabinet was present at the airport to greet Ayub Khan. His visit paved the way for military and economic aid. Although the aid was against spread of communism but the entire world witnessed it was US military equipment that helped Pakistan defeating India in 1965 war with 5 time’s bigger army.
Industrialists were given free hand to establish factories that solved problem of unemployment.PIA was rated the best airline of the world. He introduced bonus scheme that brought great relief to our expatriates who after landing at Karachi Airport would get cash around Rs 500 just by presenting PIA ticket. This gave lot of boost to our economy
Ayub’s achievements were not digested by our enemies and opposition parties who planned agitation against him at a time when he was celebrating 10 years decade of reforms that earned name of a great progressive country. In East Pakistan Agartala case had been finalized in which Mujeeb -ur-Rahman was found guilty. Disturbances were created in Pakistan and political parties wanted Mujib to be freed. Ayub Khan announced all parties’ conference to diffuse the situation but political parties insisted withdrawal of case against Mujeeb and Ayub accepted their demand and that paved the way for creating a state with in state. Ayub resigned and handed over the power to Gen Yahya Khan violating his own constitution. Gen Yahya imposed martial law to control the situation. Elections were held but results were not acceptable to PPP that resulted in breakup of the country. Shaheed Bhutto ruled the country from 1971 to 4 July 1977. Due to charges of massive rigging in elections opposition turned against Bhutto and started country wide aitation that resulted in total breakdown in law and order. Bhutto was advised to order fresh elections but failed to reach to any agreement with opposition parties and things went out of control as result Gen Zia imposed Martial law on 5 July 1977 and promised fresh election in three months but politicians demanded that before elections are held there should be accountability first of corrupt people. This suited Zia and elections were postponed and held in 1985 and junejo was made the Prime Minister of Pakistan who was dismissed by Zia on 27 May 1988. Elections were held in Nov 1988 as already announced. Gen Zia died in mysterious air crash 0n 17 Aug 1988.
Fresh elections were held PPP came in to power, strong agitation by PML N resulted in ouster of PPP government and action re-play took place Nawaz was removed and PPP again came to power. She was removed and Nawaz came and was ousted by Gen Musharraf when tried to retire him while he was returning from official tour.Fresh elections were held after his resignation in 2008, PPP formed the government and later on Nawaz won the elections but was removed by Supreme Court in Panama Case. Again Gen Musharraf rule was much better than professional politicians.
During these years there have been massive corruption charges against the previous rulers and they are now facing courts. The so called democracy has failed to provide solution to the problems because smaller parties resort to black mailing who demand major share in the government thus shaking the foundation of fragile democracy. People were fed up and wanted change. In 2018 fresh elections were held PTI won elections but had to rely on smaller groups to form the government who keep threatening to quit the coalition if their demands are not met.It is like a Damocles sword hanging over the head of Imran Khan.
In any democratic set up PM whosoever he may be has no choice he succumbs to pressure but in presidential form of government as the president is elected directly by the people so no one can black mail him as he does not require their support secondly president can remove any one if he is found misusing his authority. We have tried this so called democracy for many years but the stability seen in the presidential form of government needs no emphasis , let us choose the system that gives stability to the country. It is certain under present system things can never be put right. We have seen Tamasha going on between politicians and NAB and Judiciary. The corrupt enjoy VVIP protocol, this system has to be buried if not done sooner or later country shall face anarchy and no one will be able to control it. Earlier we wake up better it would be. Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

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