Nobody wants to give or strike an NRO: Shahbaz

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) president Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday categorically dispelled rumors of another NRO while calling for negotiations for solving political disputes.
He was talking to media outside Adiala Jail. “Neither anyone yearns for NRO nor anyone is willing to give one”, Sharif told reporters.
Sharif Jr demanded to constitute parliamentary commission to probe ‘massive and worst’ rigging in General Elections 2018. He said [would-be] parliamentary commission will be handed over the task to probe factors behind RTS closure.
“The opposition demands formation of a parliamentary commission. We have the right to raise our voices against rigging in elections,” he said, adding it should compromise of members from all parliamentary parties.
Shahbaz Sharif also called for an investigation into the failure of the Result Transmission System (RTS) on Election Day, the closure of the machinery, and the slow pace of vote counting, and allegations of polling agents were thrown out of polling stations.
“Nation has thoroughly rejected this rigging-riddled polls while opposition parties staged peaceful protest outside Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) headquarters”, stated Shahbaz.
“We will all celebrate Independence Day on August 14 but my question is, could we celebrate the free and fair elections? The answer is no,” Shahbaz said, referring to Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s statement.
Shahbaz warned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that they would take oath in the parliament only to lodge strong protest against rigging in National Assembly (NA).
“We will not enter lower house of the parliament to felicitate [PTI] on election victory, rather a thorough probe into the massive rigging in elections will be our first prime demand”, stated Sharif.
On Nawaz Sharif, Sharif said that party supremo does not desire chaos in the country.
“It is Nawaz Sharif’s legitimate right to lodge appeal against the verdict in Avenfield reference”, asserted Sharif.
Sharif claimed that ‘bad weather’ barred him from attending Grand Alliance protest in Islamabad.
Sharif also took a jibe at PTI’s Jehangir Tareen over alleged horse-trading. – NNI

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