OIC and Kashmir issue

One wonders as to why the final communiqué of the OIC held last week in Makkah and attended by as many as 57 Muslim countries has not mentioned anything about the Kashmir as a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. This is very unfortunate as the Muslims living in Indian-held Kashmir are being subjected to unprecedented atrocities and tyranny by the Indian army for decades. Around more than one and half lac Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian army. The UN Human Right Council and other European organizations connected with human right issues have openly condemned the atrocities being committed by the Indian government. But the irony is that OIC which is the apex body of Muslim Ummah is silent about thevery core Kashmir issue and has not uttered a single word about the ruthless exploitation of siege of Muslimsin the Indian-held Kashmir in the final draft of OIC emergency meeting.
Just imagine, it was only Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who took the initiative and spoke about the brutalities being committed by the Indian forces in the Indian-occupied Kashmir. He very rightly said that the Muslim countries have to exert pressure on Indian government for the resolution of Kashmir issue which is in the UN, otherwise the war between India and Pakistan might break out engulfing the whole region. Mr Imran Khan also spoke about the plight of innocent Palestinian people who are being oppressed by the Zionist state by occupying their lands as well as grabbing more of their lands through military force at will. Mr Imran Khan also shed light on issue of Golan Heights which belongs to Syria and has also been occupied by the Israel. Mr Khan also very bodlyrejected the statement of US President Mr Trump about the Golan Heights which said that the territory belongs to Israel.
In the wake of above discussion, it is apparent that the OIC has miserably failed to highlight the plight of Indian-held Kashmiris who are facingextreme hardships both financially and socially at the hands of ruthless Indian armed forces using latest lethal weapons to silence their protest for the right of self-determination as envisaged in the UN resolution. It is said by some quarters that OIC emergency session was convened to condemn Iran which Arabs especially Saudis think that the increasing Iranian influence in the West Asia is direct threat to their independence. However, Iran has categorically denied the charges and is willing and ready to mend fences with its Arab neighbours. The Iraqi leadership present in the OIC meeting offered to mediate between Iran and the Arab countries to diffuse the tension. However, the role of OIC as an Association to safeguard the interests of Muslim Ummah has failed, it does not reflect the true aspirations of the Muslim world especially those who are being subjected to ruthless exploitation by anti-Muslim forces like Israel and India. Until and unless the OIC does not speak boldly about the atrocities being committed by Israel and India over Muslim population, the OIC will remain a subject of criticism by the oppressed Muslim world. As simple as that.

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