OIC, long an idiom but short in action

International organizations play a consequential role in this regard to bring the leaders under the single umbrella. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is an organization of fifty-seven Muslim States that came into being with a sole objective to protect the dignity and rights of the Muslims everywhere on the planet earth. The second largest intergovernmental organization was established on September 25, 1969 in a response to attack on holy city of Al-Qudus. Unfortunately, it is an irony of our time and a matter of deep sorrow that this transnational organization has failed to disentangle the Muslim masses from the fold of terrorism, extremism, illiteracy, poverty as well as backwardness. It is evident beyond the shred of doubt that Muslims are embroiled in the web of some serious dilemmas and facing plethora of hurdles as a result Muslim masses are plunging in the pit of obscurity.
It is highly flabbergasting and lamentable too that transnational organization which is second largest in the world after the United Nations has unable to cater the Muslim demands of 21st century. Astoundingly, OIC has passed more than 3200 resolutions but it is highly unfortunate that nothing substantial was done to halt the crisis or avert the tragedies. Kashmir issue, Myanmar genocide and Palestine issue have dealt a mortal blow to the unity and dignity of Muslims.
OIC comprises one-fourth of the total world’s population but it is a situation of grave concern that their contribution is only 2% of world’s GDP, 1.3% of the world’s trade and only about 1.5% of the investments. It is highly astonishing that 25% of the OIC population does not have access to medical facilities as well as safe drinking water. In addition to this, half of the population lives below the poverty line.
It is the need of the hour that someone has to step up into take the mantle and get Muslims out of the despair and removes from them the clouds of distress.
So, in this regard OIC members has to unleash the process of meaningful development to disentangle the frustrated and marginalized Muslims from the trap of vicious stymies and put them on the path of success.
Firstly, they establish common economic organization that helps to redress the plight of relegated Muslims, European Union (EU) is one of the star examples of mutual interests and by following the footsteps of EU the grievances of Muslim masses can easily be addressed.
Secondly, to build a joint army that can save the Muslims from the malign role of west like North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It is a matter of deep concern and lamentable too that majority of OIC population does not have access to clean water and health facilities due to which they are unable to take off. However, it is still not too late to act, there is no denying the impression that Muslims are embroiled in the fabric of plethora of quandaries and clouds of distress are hovering over it but by bringing into vogue the actual norms of OIC situation can easily be controlled.
Pakistan holds a vanguard position in this regard and involved in the establishment of the organization, so, Pakistan has to play its constructive role to bring back the unity of Muslim Ummah. In addition to this, as a sole Muslim nuclear power Pakistan should lift the Muslim resentments on every platform. OIC summit in Makkah Mukarramah from 27th May to 29 may is giving another opportunity to Muslim Ummah to bury the past and chart out pragmatic steps to bring an era of peace.
In a nutshell, Muslims are in doldrums and living a very miserable life and enmeshed in the fold of quandaries that has halted the progress of Muslims due to which Muslim are plunged in the pit of obscurity. There is no denying the impression that OIC contains the fundamental tools that can easily dismantle Muslims from the snare of aforementioned difficulties.

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