Otsuka launches benefit program ‘Beat the Heat’

KARACHI: Otsuka throughout the world working very hard for the good health and introducing new medicines. In the completion of their services of 100 years Otsuka Pakistan considering their social responsibilities has started a new segment under the title “Beat the Heat” and organized and event on the occasion, says a Press release.
The company in this respect utilized the mobile phone to apprise the mass about the Heat Stroke and its impact as well as how to protect, Further the message was displayed through banners and pamphlets, and distributed the same among the peoples and also arranged Manzil cold water bottles distribution at various locations of the city.
The main event was organized at the outside premises of Jinnah Hospital. The chief guest was Dr. Seemi Jamali, Director Post-Graduate Medical Centre, (JPMC). She announced the opening of the Beat the Heat program by cutting the tape.
Marketing Manager Arshad Khan and Product Manager Samad Wasi were also present with their team.
Dr Seemi Jamali appreciated the efforts made by the Manzil Bottles Company who distributed the Cold water bottles among the people which further supported the best efforts made by Otsuka under the title (Beat the Heat). She further stated that if other companies/organizations also come forward to enhance the awareness among the mass how to protect from the heat stroke, the chances of heat strokes will further be minimized.
She also stated that the polluted water is also increasing the disease in the City, so the authorities must make efforts at least to provide clean water to its citizens which will reduce the number of patients coming to Hospital every day.
Later, the Otsuka team distributed the Manzil Cold water bottles among the patients at the outside premises of the Emergency department. The team of Otsuka also had arranged at various locations of the City, distribution of Manzil Cold water bottles and distributed the pamphlets indicating the safety measures required to be taken to avoid the heat strokes.

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