Outbreak of deleterious corona virus egregiously terrorized the world

In the history of mankindthere are abundance of unfamiliar&anonymous disease which were always becomecause of exterminating a great deal of human population across the world.Somewhat with the passage of time the medical science successfully groped remedyfor most of such ailments and saved the humanity from the deleterious effects ofthose detrimental disease.In these days the world isonce again terrorized andhavocked byavirus named corona,this time it is reportedthat sourceof the coronavirus is a wet food market in Wuhan city of Hubei province of People’s Republic of China.
Owing torapid progressionof the modern world entire societiescame much closer to each otherand their milieu turnedinto a global village.Hence in these circumstances it is very difficult situation to remain away from other nations of the globeand their negative and positive behaviors.Ergo the entire mankindof the globe for some extent become extremely interdependent with each other for attainingbenefits and even sharing adversities.Sometimethese unbidden and frequent travelers carrying with them anonymous virusesfrom their respective countries which becoming cause of massive extermination at their host country.Thus,it is required to remain vigilantabout incoming visitors to avoid such type of destructivedisease.
However,presently the populous of entireworld is under threat of such sortof alarming situation, moreover it is learnedthatexperts of microbiology giventhename of coronavirusfor thisnewlydiscovered mysterious imperceptible heinous monster.This newly experienced coronavirus is so horrificthat it rapidly effects human being especially personals whom already having suffered of heart or respiratory ailments are easy vulnerable.Theinitial symptoms of this diseaseare such as shortness of breath,dyspnea or high fever.
Whereas, it is reported thatthis strange coronavirushas already been transported to the Pakistan including UnitedState of America, Japan, Australia, Thailand, HongKong,France, Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore,Vietnam, Macau, and Republic of Korea etc. Pakistan hasbilateral relation rest of the aforementioned countries,in general and in particular with our contiguous countrygreat People’s Republic of China where this coronavirus was generated.Therefore,it is expected that Pakistan is themost vulnerablecountry as equatedto other countries of the world to this no cent and haste communicable virus. Consequently, it is responsibility of the present government to take appropriate precautionaryand preventive measures to protect our people from this pernicious and catastrophic disease.
Albeit, Chinahas already taken some serious preventive steps to control the new terrorizingviral disease,however it is hoodoo in spite of immense resources a country likewise china is yet omit to vanquish the soaring problemof their hidden enemy.Whilethe system of enforcement/implementation of law & order situation in China is comparativelymuch stronger and better than our own country. If this viraldisease enters in Pakistan ascertain it is far difficult to deter the intensity of severe grievous and life threatening situation. In orderto minimize the high risktoplevel incumbents ought to be meticulously ponder upon deterioratingsituation of many countries of the world including in our contiguous.Henceforth, it is mandatory and responsibility of the present government topromulgate a high alertnotification for the concerned staff and abruptly depute highly skilled and professional staff at the places of ingress.
It is come to the knowledge of this writer that a great number of Chinese are living in Pakistan,without forbidden their frequent traveling amid China and Pakistan will definitely will cause of spreading coronavirus in our country.Verily Prime MinistersHasteinitiatives in this regard is muchappreciable and encouraging. Furthermore,it is suggested thatfor sustainable resultsit is mandatory to ensure consistent follow uptillthe aversion ofthe insidious coronavirus.

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