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Pak-India dialogue is the need of the hour


After a long time the news about Pak India relations is being taken positively by even the right-wing traditional opponents of India as well as the opposition who usually criticizes the government’s decisions, has not disagreed on this issue. Secondly, yes, the backdoor channel diplomacy is very much intact despite the statement by our foreign minister and still our foreign office is not denying the meeting between the two heads of prime agencies in UAE. Moreover, the Pakistan India relation initiative taken by UAE has actually taken place with the blessing and patronage of Washington who is worried that after its exit from Afghanistan who will fulfill this gap. It is an open secret especially on this issue that for the first time, Moscow in Beijing appear to be on one page and and they are trying through Tehran to make a comeback in this region. This situation is convoluted because it is not very easy to control Kabul which is the battlefield that affects the entire region.
For the past one year the Taliban have become a major key player and they now want a full share in Kabul. And to achieve this, they are not only depending on their old traditional Islamabad friends, but now they also want to form some sort of relations with Delhi. But as I have said before the situation is developing on a day-to-day basis as one section of Taliban still believes that the most powerful weapon is suicide attack. I do not think that whether or not they realize well that if they continued these attacks on both sides of Durand line, then Washington will then consider withdrawal of its decision to exit Kabul. Last but not least after the Mumbai episode, once again there is some hope left that Delhi and Islamabad will consider a peaceful dialogue for the sake of their own interests particularly in view of Kabul situation. It is also noteworthy that this time this initiative of dialogue is coming from the Pindi-wallahs.