Pak-Russia growing relations

Thanks to the policies of US president Mr Trump who is bent upon punishing Pakistan for no obvious reasons. He has through an order has stopped further training of Pakistani military officers as he has already cut substantial amount of dollars required for the coalition support programme, although Pakistan is the only country who fought against the terrorists within Pakistan as well outside, but US president and his administration does not acknowledges the huge sacrifices rendered by Pakistan, its army and the people. These uncalled for actions of US administration against Pakistan is pushing away her from old friend USA towards Russia who established diplomatic relations with new born country in May 1, 1948 and also invited the Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali khan to visit then soviet union, but the PM could not go to the soviet union but went to USA which had sent invitation to the Prime Minister much later. However the Russians were not happy with the gesture causing early dent in the relations between the two countries which also continued during the cold war. But now new alliances are taking place, old friends are changing their foreign policies based upon their political and economic interest as well the imperative needs of the time. In this back drop the offer of Russia to train Pakistani military officers is a sigh of great relief for Pakistan. On the other hand, as per the news paper reports of Indian press have annoyed both India and USA. The Indian press both print and electronic has been blaming Narendra Modi for his foreign policy failure to create space for Pakistan to develop defense and economic relations with Russia. The Indian analyst say that Modi spent huge amount of tax payers money to visit many countries of the world with the sole purpose to isolate Pakistan, but later events prove without any shadow of doubt that Modi miserably failed to isolate Pakistan rather Pakistan has amicable relations with most of the countries of the world who are ready to invest in Pakistan and transfer latest technology to strengthen Pakistan economy. China being the one who has decided to spend US dollars 62 billion to develop Gwadar port, and the entire CPEC infrastructure. Already 20 early harvest projects have been completed and soon more are in the pipe line.
Besides defence ties agreement with Pakistan, Russia keen to import textile and food items from Pakistan. Recently the CG of Russia at Karachi consulate told me that if Pakistan establishes a bank in Moscow the two way trade will further increase, the banking circles in Pakistan are considering this timely message as Pakistan wants to lift its sagging exports, Russia could be a lucrative market for Pakistani commodities. Pakistan Mangoes are very popular in Russia and so know, the TDAP should strive hard to dispatch more exportable items to Russia like leather and leather garments. Recently a trade delegation had visited Pakistan and had assured Pakistan commerce ministry that Russia would purchase more items from Pakistan as the quality of Pakistani items are much better than items imported from other countries, However much depends upon private sector to boost trade with Russia by visiting different parts of Russia and exploring markets for the exportable items. Russia though under sanction by USA is still an open market for the developing countries like Pakistan.

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