Pakistan, China reject bifurcation of occupied Kashmir

The duo of time-tested friends i.e., Pakistan and China have categorically rejected the bifurcation of occupied Kashmir by India on October31 into Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh territory. Both these territories were never the part of India especially Kashmir has been an independent state since three thousand years.India on August5this year annexed Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating article 370 and 35 of the Indian Constitution which gave Kashmir a semi-autonomous status with its own constitution, national anthem and flag.The abrogation of the above-mentioned articles was declared by the president of India and later upheld by the Indian Parliament with no detaileddiscussion on the subject.
The abrogation of the said articles was passed by the Indian Parliament within three hours. Now the incumbent Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has divided the occupied Kashmir into zones or territories whatever you call it.Pakistan and China have rejected the unconstitutional actionof the Indiangovernment and have called to repeal it.The people of occupied Kashmir have also rejected the move by the Indian government and have vowed to launch struggle against this decision.
It may be once again mentioned that the Kashmir is a disputedterritory between India and Pakistan as also recognizedby the UNO and variousother agreements between India and Pakistan including the SIMLA agreement are testimony to the fact that Kashmir is a disputed territory.However India by bifurcating the occupied Kashmir and Ladakh has challenged not only China and Pakistan but even the UN. Even those pro-Indian politicians in the Indian held Kashmir now under detention have not accepted the division and have called the Indian government to withdraw it. Various human right organizations have also criticized the Indian decision and called the international community to put pressure on India to withdraw it for the sake of peace within Indian held Kashmir and the region.
It seems that India has deliberately embarked upon a path which will trigger tension between Pakistan and India, eventually leading to war. Pakistan has been off late urging the USA to mediate and resolve the issue, the bone ofcontention betweenPakistan, India and also China. But so far USA has not taken any action towards resolving the Kashmir issue, rather ignoring it. This attitude of the US government has empowered India to act against all norms bybarricading occupied Kashmir.Pakistan, as I wrote earlier, has condemned India for its action by barricading Kashmir at various international forums.Now as I look at the prevailing situation in the held Kashmir, the ball is in Kashmiri people’s court as they will carry on the struggle for their basic rights against the Indian occupation forces, Already the Kashmiri people have sacrificed massively to get liberation from Indian clutches but so far no tangible result has occurred. The Kashmiris are locked down in the valley for the last three months and have been undergoing huge pains and sufferings but Indian government has not relaxed curfew despite the fact that entire world has been condemning India forhuman right violations. Pakistan and China will not sit at rest until a reasonable solution of Kashmir takes place under the UN resolutions of 1948 and 1949. As simple as that.

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