Pakistan goes Nuclear


28 the may 1998 reminds us of the great achievement of Pakistan by exploding nuclear device in the Chaghi ( Baluchistan). In all Pakistan conducted seven nuclear tests against India five. India conducted its nuclear tests in May 11 1998.

Earlier India had exploded its first nuclear device in 1974 at Pokhran (Rajistan). Thus it could be said that it was India who started nuclear arms in south Asia, Pakistan was not interested in nuclear weapons as she was recovering from the tragedy Bangladesh, but the then Prime Minister Mr Z.A. Bhutto soon realized that India with the might of nuclear weapon would soon launch attack on Pakistan to further dismember it. Mr Bhutto then decided after consulting his close friends and the military establishment to find out ways and means how to achieve nuclear parity with India.

It was during this search period that Mr Bhutto received a letter from a scientist DR. A.Q Khan living in Holland who said that he can develop nuclear device and eventually a bomb. Mr Bhutto invited him to visit Pakistan, talks were held as a result Mr Bhotto was convinced that this man(DR Qadeer) is quite capable to do the job.

He finally allowed him to take the responsibility as a result with lot of painstaking efforts and hurdles, Dr A.Q Khan and his team were successful in developing the nuclear device.

In his efforts Dr A Q khan had the full support of civil and military establishment as also some civilian businessmen who procured much needed equipments from the developed countries and supplied to Kahota Labs Finally when everything was ready, the permission was sought from Nawaz Sharif who was then Prime Minister to conduct the explosion, he was initially reluctant and was using delaying tactics, while the people of Pakistan especially the military and media were forcing Nawaz Sharif to give permission for the explosion.

In the mean while Bill Clinton, the then President of USA rang Nawaz Sharif not to go nuclear tests, he offered five billion US dollars to him if he obliges him for not conducting nuclear explosion.

Nawaz as every knows is greedy person to the core and five billion dollars offer was a huge money so he was about to agree with the offer but the media and the military forced him to give permission for the nuclear explosion.

Meanwhile India was propagating that Pakistan has not developed any nuclear device, hence avoiding nuclear test, it is bluff said the Indian PM. This was enough for Pakistan and finally Nawaz Sharif gave the permission for the nuclear tests on May 28 1998The nuclear explosion induced the spirit of Pakistani nationalism and extreme love for Pakistani scientists who with meager resources were able to produce first nuclear bomb not only for Pakistan but for the Muslim Ummah.

India could not believe that Pakistan could develop the nuclear device in such short span of time. The nuclear explosion gave parity to Pakistan with India and the balance of power which otherwise was disturbed by India’s nuclear explosion. Now India dare not attack Pakistan and the nuclear weapon no doubt is a great deterrence for Pakistan against India. Had not Pakistan developed nuclear device, the India would have attacked Pakistan further dismembering it says Gen (Retd) Shankar of India.

However now the political leadership has to work hard for economic growth as the stability of Pakistan is directly linked with the economy, if we fail to push growth up to seven percent in coming years, we might face huge problems especially in social sector. To achieve robust economic growth in Pakistan unity between military and civil establishments is indispensible otherwise Pakistan remains a fragile state in terms of economy and the deterrence associated with the nuclear weapons will also be affected.