Pakistan qualifies in Top 16 in South Africa’s VRWC

KARACHI: Team Pakistan has made it to the Top 16 of the Vitality Running World Cup – a global running event which has been organized by Discovery Vitality South Africa. IGI Life Insurance, which represents Vitality in Pakistan has organized this running activity all over Pakistan, whereby they are actively engaging the young and old alike towards remaining fit and adopting healthy routines, says a Press release.
With countries like United States, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, and India being among the Top 16, it is a moment of honour that Pakistan has been able to secure its place in the top category. Many teams under the Pakistan umbrella have actively been running since the 5th of March and will continue to do so until the 4th of April, 2020. The IGI Life Vitality Pakistan team has more than 70 team members and is by far the most active team of the lot, with more than 600 kms covered in just 10 days’ time.
The philosophy behind this Vitality Running World Cup is that anyone can run from anywhere – which means that if someone wants to take a jog on their treadmill, in their street or in the nearby park, they are more than welcome to become a part of the Vitality Running World Cup. It is a healthy activity that is inculcating good habits within the people. It has been seen that those individuals who remain active more have much higher life expectancy rates than the ones who sit idle and have a sedentary lifestyle. This is one of the more important research facts as highlighted by Vitality worldwide.
A bit about IGI Life Vitality – it is Pakistan’s first active life insurance product which rewards its customers based on their steps and heart rate activity in a weekly, monthly and annual fashion while securing their future with an underlying insurance policy. The motto of IGI Life Vitality is ‘Rewarding Life Every Day.’ Many renowned brands are linked with IGI Life Vitality – which puts the brand in a league of its own.

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