Pakistan is ready to face India


The Indian army chief has been threatening Pakistan for a very long time, the purpose is very simple i.e to divert the attention of the international community from the occupied Kashmir issue where more than half a million Indian army has been committing heinous crime against the unarmed population of the Indian occupied Kashmir.

The Indian army has been using deadly weapons like AK 47 modern rifle, pellet guns to blind the protesting people against the atrocities done by the ruthless Indian soldiers. The Indian PM Modi thinks that by using ruthless methods to curb the freedom movement of the of people in Indian occupied Kashmir or, he will subjugate them is out of question as now the entire movement of the people of occupied Kashmir is led by the youths who rightly think that the peaceful methods to achieve their demands from the Indian government has failed, the only course now left is take up the arms and fight against the occupied forces to liberate themselves as the UN and other international organizations are keeping mum and silently watching the ruthless crimes being committed by the Indian occupied forces.

The Indian PM blames Pakistan for supporting the struggle of the Kashmir people by sending armed persons fighting along with Kashmiri youths, the blame is totally baseless and unfounded, the movement led by the Kashmiri youths is indigenous and locally supported by the masses of occupied Kashmir. It is against this back ground the Indian army chief has been threatening Pakistan for launching an attack or surgical strike(the previous surgical strike as claimed by India was a big international joke) against Pakistan for which Pakistan is ready to meet the challenge. The Indian army is fully aware that to attack Pakistan will lead to a nuclear war unleashing untold sufferings and destruction for the people of the two countries., even the US and other allies of Indian will never encourage or support India to launch undeclared attack on Pakistan as this will lead to mutual destruction as also this is not the solution of the Kashmiri problem, the bone of contention between the two countries for which the UN calls for plebiscite.

On the other hand Pakistan has been offering comprehensive dialogue with India which were broken in 2015,the India does not want to indulge into dialogue rather makes fun of the offer as demonstrated by the Indian foreign minister Ms Shusha Swaraj in UN General Assembly, where the foreign Minister of Pakistan was also present. The US is also not very serious to promote dialogue between the two countries, he is more interested to sell latest weapons to India which would, if war broke out, will be used against Pakistan.

On the contrary powers like china, Russia, Turkey and France believe in peaceful dialogue between Pakistan and India In the larger interest of peace in the region as war is not solution of the Kashmir problem., but India does not want dialogue as she is also planning to change the demographic map of the occupied Kashmir by inviting people from outside Kashmir to settle there.

This conspiracy of India is yet another cause of tension for the Muslims of the occupied Kashmir as they will not endorse or tolerate the demographic change of Kashmir, it has always been the Muslim state even before the partition of the subcontinent. However Pakistan is fully aware of the Indian conspiracies and is fully prepared to face the threat by the Indian army chief.

While Pakistan believes in dialogue and peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue as endorsed by the UN security council resolution, the ball is now in Indian court, if she wants war, Pakistan ready and fully prepared to meet the aggression. Meanwhile the Indian government has disallowed the visit of the British and EU parliamentary delegation to visit Indian held Kashmir.

The spokesman of the delegation said by stopping the visit of the delegation for fact finding mission about the human right violation in the occupied Kashmir clearly shows that India is guilty and is hugely responsible of human right violation in the valley where more than half million Indian army has been ruthlessly suppressing the freedom movement of the people of the Indian held Kashmir.