Pakistan reject Indian missile probe, reiterates their joint investigation on 9 March


Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday rejected findings of the Indian inquiry into the firing of a supersonic missile into its territory, terming it “totally unsatisfactory, deficient and inadequate”.

India said on Tuesday that it fired three air force officers for not following standard operating procedures, which caused a missile to be fired into Pakistan by accident on March 9. Even though no one was hurt on the ground, the incident could have led to a mistaken war between the two nuclear-armed countries that live close by.

Pakistan was praised for its wise response, which stopped the situation from getting worse. Still, Pakistan took the event very seriously and brought it up in all of its internal meetings. It also asked for a joint investigation.

Even though India knew it had made a mistake, it went ahead with the investigation on its own and has now found that three air force officers were to blame.

“We have seen India’s announcement of the findings of an internal Court of Inquiry about the incident of firing a rogue supersonic missile into Pakistani territory on March 9, 2022, and the decision to terminate the services of three Indian Air Force (IAF) officers reportedly found responsible for the reckless incident,” said a statement from the foreign office here a day after India’s announcement.

It said that Pakistan strongly disagreed with India’s claim that the highly irresponsible incident was over, and it repeated its call for a joint investigation.

“As expected, India’s actions after the incident and the findings and punishments given by the so-called internal court of inquiry are totally unsatisfactory, deficient, and inadequate,” the statement said.

The foreign office said that India had not only ignored Pakistan’s request for a joint investigation, but it had also avoided answering Pakistan’s questions about the country’s command and control system, its safety and security protocols, and why it took so long for Delhi to admit the missile launch.

“Systemic flaws and serious technical mistakes in the way strategic weapons are handled can’t be hidden by saying that it was just one person’s fault. If India really has nothing to hide, it should agree to Pakistan’s request for a joint investigation in the spirit of openness.

The foolish thing India did on March 9, 2022, put the peace and security of the whole region at risk. “Pakistan’s exemplary restraint is a sign of our systemic maturity and long-term commitment to peace as a responsible nuclear state,” the statement said.

Islamabad said again that the Indian government needs to answer its questions about the incident right away, and it agreed to its request for a joint investigation.