Pakistan to resume operations at its Jalalabad consulate

Pakistan to resume operations at its Jalalabad consulate

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Sunday decided to resume operations of Jalalabad consulat after the resumption of security measures in Afghanistan.

It may be noted that on September 1, Pakistan had temporarily shut down its Consulate General in Jalalabad City in Nangarhar province for an indefinite period to protest local officials’ intervention in activities of the diplomatic office.

Pakistani embassy in Kabul said that the decision has been taken in reaction to provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat’s intervention in activities of the consulate.

“The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul deeply regrets undue intervention of Governor Hayatullah Hayat in the functioning of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Jalalabad is complete violation of the Vienna Convention of the Consular Relations 1963.”

The embassy said that the Consulate General will remain closed until the security arrangements are completed to the satisfaction of the embassy.

The embassy said it has requested the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “kindly refrain the governor from interfering in the functioning of the Consulate General and to ensure restoration of security of the consulate office as it existed on August 28, 2018.”

Howeveron Sunday; after lack of assurance of possible security, the consulate was closed for an indefinite period.

Afghan authorities also met Pakistani officials over the matter and said that the issue was a simple misunderstanding and would be resolved soon.

During the meeting, the authorities had discussed the possible suggestions for security of the Consulate building. Spokesman for the Afghan Foreign Ministry said that Governor’s intervention was a misunderstanding which caused concern among staff at the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad however, the problem will be solved soon.