Pakistan to continue raising voice for Kashmiris’ freedom

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education & Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood in his speech at a seminar held at National Book Foundation, here Thursday expressed that Pakistani writers and authors played an unforgettable role for the Kashmir Movement and Freedom Fighters. They wrote so many books on Kashmir with different angles to project Kashmir cause on international level. He said that Kashmiris and Muslims in India are facing the vicious psyche of Hindu.
Addressing the ‘Solidarity with Kashmir Seminar’ he assured the audience that Pakistan Government will exert on Kashmir issue on all national and international levels to help deprived Kashmiris. He said that actually the Hindu psyche is the bone of contention, their mind set is the challenge not only for Kashmiri Muslims but for the whole mankind”.
Masood Mufti said “Hindus divided the human beings into different categories. They did not accept anyone in the subcontinent expect Hindus, that’s why Two-Nation theory developed and Pakistan came into existence”.
Dr. Nadeem Shafique Malik, Secretary, NH & LH Division and Prof. Dr. Inamul Haq Javeid, Managing Director, National Book Foundation warmly welcomed the distinguished guests in Ahmed Faraz Auditorium Hall NBF Islamabad. Managing Director, NBF also spoke in detail about the seminar.
Poetess and author Ayesha Masood Malik introduced the books written on Kashmir in his research paper and informed about the effort of other writers who did a lot of written work on Kashmir in their books. At this occasion an exhibition of books written on Kashmir was also arranged.
Agencies add: Meanwhile, Shafqat Mahmood says Pakistan will continue to raise the voice
of freedom of Kashmiri people across the world.
Addressing a function in Islamabad on Thursday, he said, together, we have to combat and defeat the bigotry mindset of India. He said Islamabad will take all possible steps for realization of right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people.
He said New Delhi is perpetrating heinous atrocities on the innocent Kashmiri people to suppress their freedom movement.
Shafqat Mehmood said that the government will continue its political and moral support to Kashmiris and will keep highlighting Indian atrocities in the disputed Himalayan valley at an international level.
Mehmood stated that he was relieved to see how the country’s literary community gave importance to the Kashmir issue.
Kashmir, he said, is a serious international matter and that they will have to work for its freedom by keeping their political differences aside.
‘World must consider security of India’s nukes in control of fascist, Hindu supremacist Modi’.
He added that there was no allegory in history of the sort of atrocities being committed in Kashmir.
The minister pointed out that India has deployed around a million soldiers in the disputed valley to slaughter the rights of innocent Kashmiris and to keep them oppressed. India, he said, wants to uphold its dominion over Kashmir and for this purpose, it has gone blind.
He compared India’s mindset towards Kashmir with that of Hitler and Nazi Germany and said that the international community should take notice of India’s negative approach.
“We will all have to fight the Indian mindset together,” he added.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to become an ambassador to highlight the Kashmir issue on every forum in the world while clarifying that any Indian misadventure will receive a strong response.

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