Pakistan to reassess ties with US


Washington has once again stabbed into the back of Pakistan by drafting a bill in USA senate which seeks for a permanent ban of $2 billion civilian assistance to Pakistan. USA volatile policies against Pakistan once again proves that United States is not a reliable ally and always abandon & ditch Islamabad once its interests are fulfilled. The diplomatic affront is the latest setback in US-Pakistan relations after their mutual cooperation during the war on terror following the 9/11 attack on the twin towers.
Pakistan was dragged by Washington for its need to support fight in their war of terrorism in Afghanistan back in 2004 as an official major non-NATO ally. But US administration during the entire period of war of terror kept accusing Islamabad due to “trust deficit”. Being a non-NATO ally in the war on terrorism, Pakistan as a matter of fact has suffered more than the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.
It seems as if west and USA has been facing difficulty in deciding to treat Pakistan as an ally or a slave. The Boss and Mater like approach of Washington towards Pakistan with fluctuating aid & assistance policies are so insulting that happens to be catastrophic in multiple ways .USA along with NATO forces did many military actions on Pakistan’s western borders without prior information of Pakistani authorities, the brutal and unjustified 450 unmanned drone attacks on sovereign Pakistani territory were conducted which resulted in casualties of thousands of innocent civilians, and CIA covert military operations inside Pakistan specially its heinous involvement in Baluchistan disturbance with the support of world’s notorious Indian agency RAW frustrated the nation and created resentment, mistrust, hate and Anti-American sentiments among all Pakistanis. Although, Washington relied during this tenure on Pakistan’s air and ground routes to transport both its lethal and lethal supply to Afghanistan.
The one sided hostile policies of US further enhance the perception that USA is not a trusted ally and with its impertinent unilateral anti-Pakistan policies, it clearly undermine Islamabad’s sincere efforts to fight militancy for twenty years, disgrace its sacrifices and deliberately shattered its image worldwide as a cunning tactic to always keep it under pressure.
Pakistan government although faced immense opposition and criticism within the country for supporting USA war of terror twenty years back as they were of the view that U.S. intervention of Muslim countries and Afghanistan were not about elimination of terrorism, democracy or human rights but were about removing threats to the U.S. global security and superiority so as to maintain status-quo of uni-polar system of the world and to keep its hegemony globally as the “only” super power of the world. US partnered only in its time of regional needs and then always discard Pakistan high and dry afterwards. USA imbalanced, heavy-handed approach and blame-game policy towards Pakistan has already led the region to disaster which in return hampers the durability and efficiency of Pak-U.S. relations.
The US senate bill to cut all civilian aid to Pakistan depicts Washington delusional insanity of learning nothing from the past blunders. Such sanctions could be counterproductive and could push the matters to the breaking point. The cold shoulder from Washington towards Pakistan though it is such an important country which the US itself admits is “make-or-break” in some cases.
Washington leaned on Pakistan recently to help bring senior Taliban Leadership to the negotiating table and secure a deal to exit the country and to evacuate its forces safely from the war-torn country.
US never treat Pakistan on equal basis as an ally that’s why relation between US and Pakistan remain wobbly. Pakistan is left in the lurch after the attainment of the US mission in the region. The conflicting US policies by Pentagon, CIA, and White House have flopped to scapegoat Pakistan for its embarrassing failures in Afghanistan.
Pakistan cooperated with the US in a war which was not ours, what Pakistan had to do with so called 9/11 attacks? Pakistan was playing the role of a client state fighting the U.S. war. If Ashraf Ghani fled, how Pakistan could be responsible for his cowardice act though United States had spent $ 2.26 trillion in Afghanistan in training Afghan forces and equipping modern weapons to them which simply yielded in humiliating and chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in its historical longest war which off course was Washington’s own decision. Why Pakistan be bashed via continuous allegation and third class blame game policy to divert world’s attention from Washington humiliating defeat in Afghan war. The history is witnessed that “Who asked Pakistan to free Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan TTA leadership? Who signed Doha agreement with TTA and hosted them in Washington DC?” How could Pakistan help US frustration that its 20-year advanced technology and resources were in vain before only 60,000 Taliban?
Pakistan has paid a huge price for being a partner in war of terror with USA. Pakistan has sacrificed 80,000 lives and suffered a loss of $150 billion. In spite of rendering all these sacrifices Washington remained unsatisfied with Pakistan’s sincere and overwhelming efforts in eliminating terrorism and instead of acknowledging it always made unjustified demand and exerted pressure “to do more” to appease India in its double game of spreading its influence in Afghanistan.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken threatened few days back that Washington will reassess is relationship with Pakistan in coming days which has made Pakistan realized that US could never be our true friend as it viciously takes one-eighty degree turn in its policy towards Pakistan once its goals are achieved. US breaching its erstwhile frontline ally country in the war on terror dealing it like a satellite state via imposing financial sanctions and using other bizarre third class tactics.
It is a high time for Pakistan to review its policies towards the US to safeguard its sovereignty, integrity and national interests. Its Pakistan’s genuine right to establish friendly regime in Afghanistan. Indeed, its Pakistan’s leverage due to its innumerous sacrifices to get a central role in the Afghan endgame. Islamabad will have to give an explicit message to Washington that Pakistan no more there to accept the dictations of USA over its national interests.
A tale of seasonal relationship between USA and Pakistan should come to an end now as it will only cost heavily to Washington in the region after the potential emergence of China as next super power of the world. A total trust deficit relationship and deep suspicious policy of US against Pakistan shaking Pakistan’s interests and its very existence should be shun now. Stake holder of both the sides must realize the crucial moments and comprehend the implications of Pak-US relations for the regional and global peace. Otherwise Pakistan will be left with no other option and horizon but to completely breakdown its relations and would definitely be compelled to “reassess” its ties with United States.