Pakistan wants to spend more over human uplift than weapons, says PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to regional and global peace, saying Islamabad “hopes to spend more on human development than on purchasing arms”.
In an interview with Russia news agency, Sputnik, the premier said Pakistan believed that progress comes with peace and was willing to pursue all options – including international mediation – to resolve issues with its neighbours. “Pakistan is looking for any kind of mediation because Pakistan believes that progress comes with peace. When you have tensions with your neighbours, it detracts from resources that could be spent on human beings. They end up getting spent on unproductive things like arms,” said the PM.
“And so we believe in peace with all the neighbours, especially with India … It is my belief that the money should be spent on getting people out of poverty like China got millions and millions of people out of poverty. And so our emphasis should be peace, resolving our differences through dialogue.”
Both the leaders are expected to hold formal meeting today.
They discussed maters of mutual interest during informal meeting. – NNI

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