Pakistan’s key role in US-Taliban talks

Pakistan is the largest troop contributing country to the UN Peacekeeping operations as a result of which Pakistan’s commitment to international peace and security is well established. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and it always playsa positive role in world peace. Due to Afghan war,millions of Afghanrefugeesare living in Pakistan. Afghanistan is a landlocked mountainous country. Afghans mostly trade through Pakistan.
Pakistan always welcomes positive development in Afghanistan’s peace process.Pakistan continues its efforts for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan is directly linked with Afghanistan. People of Pakistan always play positive role in Afghanistan peace and development and thousands of Afghanistanstudentsare studying in Pakistan.
India does not want any Afghanistan-USA peace talks. Indian military, intelligence and diplomatic bureaucracies do not want peace in Afghanistan. They want proxy war with Pakistan in Afghanistan and are using Afghanistan land against Pakistan. Trump’s favours peace talks with Taliban but India is worried about the strategic consequences of their success. As a military failure of US, India wants Americans to continue dying for them in order to advance Indian interests. India used the United States all these years against Pakistan by strategically profiting of of its people’s sacrifices in men and material.
Pakistan was playing a central role in the efforts to end the war. Taliban and the United States have achieved important development towards a lasting political settlement in Afghanistan. After peace talks there is nationwide reduction of violence in Afghanistan which is beneficialforthe Afghan people.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations has reiterated the commitment of the United Nations to support the people and Government of Afghanistan. All parties have created an enabling environment for the intra-Afghan negotiations and a comprehensive peace process.
India fearing that the withdrawal of American troops will leave Indian investments without protection. Indiadirectly or indirectly used Afghan land against Pakistan.Pakistan will play a vital role in Afghan peace process. Once again Pakistan proved that we (Pakistanis) want to see peaceful Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistan’sEstablishment played an important role in Afghans peace talks.Imran Khan’s policy of peace and prosperity workedasthe US realizedthat only talks are way to achieve peace in Afghanistan.
With the help of Pakistan, Taliban andUSA have come to the agreement that the US will withdraw troops from Afghanistan. USand its allies will withdraw all their forces from Afghanistan within 14 months if the Taliban abide by an agreement signed in Doha on February 29, 2020.
Pakistan enjoys ethnic and cultural ties with Afghanistan and has played a critical role in bringing the Taliban to the table. Pakistan has much more influence over the Taliban than any other regional states e.g. Iran and Russia etc.
Afghanistan would need the support of the international community for its reconstruction and rehabilitation. US and Pakistan continue working towards mutually agreed goals. USDĂ©fense Secretary has openly admitted that Pakistan played an important role in Afghan peace process.
Washington has recognized the validity of Pakistan’s Taliban argument in getting closer to a deal with the group’s leaders. Americans have finally agreed to this. Not because Americans like the Taliban, but because they are stuck after 19 years of failure. Qatar’s capital for a landmark peace deal between the U.S. and the Taliban could end the longest US war. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision has consistently championed diplomacy over military solution.
As the United States military begins withdrawing from Afghanistan, the intra-Afghan talks will be launched to address the country’s long conflict between the Taliban and the Kabul, the deal proposes.Ashraf Ghani and all other politicians want to remain in power.
Pm Imran Khan twitted:”We welcome the Doha Accord signed between US & the Taliban. This is the start of a peace & reconciliation process to end decades of war & suffering of the Afghan people. I have always maintained that a pol solution, no matter how complex, is the only meaningful path to peace.”
Now all stakeholders have to ensure that spoilers are kept at bay. My prayers for peace for the Afghan people who have suffered four decades of bloodshed. Pakistan is committed to play its role in ensuring that the agreement holds and succeeds in bringing peace to Afghanistan.
Donald Trump said in a statement:”When I ran for office, I promised the American people I would begin to bring our troops home, and seek to end this war. We are making substantial progress on that promise.”
Pakistan plays committed and decisive role in Afghan Peace Deal,congratulations to Afghan brothers and sisters. At the time of Taliban-US peace agreementat Doha, Pakistani flagswere fluttering all over the city in recognition of Pakistan’s role in striking the peace deal between the US and the Afghan Taliban.

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