Palestinian question one of the oldest unresolved issues

WASHINGTON DC: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Munir Akram has issued a statement on the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people.
He stated that the “the Palestinian question is one of the oldest unresolved issue at the United Nations. The long and heroic struggle of the Palestinian people to attain self-determination and achieve their independent state is reinforced by a near universal international consensus in its legitimacy, as reflected in numerous pronouncements of the General Assembly and the security Council.
He further said that “Pakistan has always remained a staunch supporter of Palestinian people, supporting Palestinian right to self-determination and calling for an early creation of a viable, contiguous, independent and sovereign Palestine state, based on internationally agreed parameters- pre= 1967 borders and Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital- has remained a cardinal pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy”. He said that Pakistan’s support to the Palestinian people is “unwavering”.
Ambassador Akram vowed that Pakistan will continue influencing the world for the creation of a Palestinian state acceptable to the Palestinian people. This would be the only “abiding guarantee for peace in the Middle East and for the wider world,” he added.
Pakistan is determine in fighting for all oppressed people of the world who are waging legitimate struggles to earn their freedom, through many initiatives, he further said.

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