People for peaceful co-existence


People from various walks of life say they have always believed in democracy and struggled for people’s government as the makers of Pakistan had in their mind.
“The objective is to turn homeland into a Medina-like welfare state where masses do not suffer because of ignorance, unemployment, poverty and hunger etc. The first thing we want is social and economic justice according to teachings of Islam”.
Educated young men and women say most of their leaders seem to have forgotten there are at least three pillars that go to make a nation worthy of possessing a territory and running the administration.
One is education, without which we are in darkness. Next, no people can ever do anything very much without making themselves economically powerful in agriculture, industry, trade and commerce.
“Lastly, when we’ve got light of knowledge by means of education and when we’re strong economically and industrially, then we’ve got to prepare ourselves for our defence against external aggression. There was again a threat the other day from a neighbour to our gesture of peace.”
The founder of Pakistan had appealed to the people to work for the ideals they cherished because there was a great deal more to be done. How much we’ve done so far, and how much we have to work? Ask the educated unemployed youth.
In fact, we all have to work together in the national interest with the motto of unity, faith and discipline. That’s the call of Islam and democracy. The appeal lives on.
The message is not time-barred. Leaders need to realise that time has again come for them to shelve dirty politics and lust for power.
If there’s anything good in the world, that’s just progressive approach of Islam to solve the common man’s economic problem. The spirit of democracy and socio-economic justice is enshrined in Islam. All lands belong to Almighty God who has delegated the proprietary rights to those who cultivate the land themselves. There’s no room for absentee landlords, feudalism and capitalism in Islam.