PIA online booking system crashes due to technical glitch

PIA's fares

KARACHI: A glitch with United States reservation system providing company has resulted in outage of some online services of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) on Wednesday including issuance of tickets.
Reportedly, the national carrier has lost contact with parts of the world with regards to online booking of seats costing the airline millions of rupees.
The glitch has also resulted in delayed departure of domestic flights. Two flights from Karachi to Islamabad were delayed today owing to the glitch. Boarding passes of passengers of a flight to leave for Lahore from Islamabad were issued with delay as well.
Reportedly, the administration is issuing boarding passes manually causing delay in flights.
Sources privy to the national carrier reported that the system went down at around 01:00pm.
Spokesperson for the national carrier reported that the US company is resolving the glitch and the system would be restored soon however, the airline offers an apology to customers for inconvenience.
Administration of PIA is in contact with the US provider for early solution, he added. – NNI