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Planning Minister Visits Chengdu High Tech Development Zone

Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, Ahsan Iqbal, recently visited Chengdu city in Sichuan, China, where he toured the Chengdu High Tech Development Zone (CDHT). This visit marked a significant step in fostering cooperation between Pakistan and China, especially in the context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

A Comprehensive Tour of CDHT
During his visit, Minister Iqbal was given a detailed briefing by Chengdu Municipal leaders and zonal officials about the High Tech Development Zone’s history, development profile, and special policies designed to attract both domestic and foreign investment. Established in 1988, the CDHT is one of China’s first national high-tech zones. As of 2023, the zone boasted a GDP of over USD 43 billion and spanned an area of 237 square kilometers. It includes a financial district, biotechnology city, and a science and technology park, employing more than 750,000 people and hosting over 4,300 enterprises.

Invitation for Collaboration
The Minister expressed his gratitude to the local officials for their detailed briefing and extended an invitation for them to participate in Pakistan’s development, particularly in Phase-II of CPEC. He emphasized the potential for developing technology parks in Pakistan and welcomed the sharing of Chengdu’s valuable experiences and expertise. The local officials responded positively to this invitation, highlighting the potential for meaningful cooperation.

Engaging with Entrepreneurs and the Pakistani Diaspora
During his visit, Minister Iqbal also met with Chengdu-based entrepreneurs and businessmen who are interested in becoming part of CPEC Phase-II. The entrepreneurs provided suggestions on how the Pakistani government could facilitate their operations, attract more investment, create job opportunities for Pakistanis, and boost foreign exchange earnings.

In his interaction with the Pakistani diaspora, the Minister heard about their achievements in Chengdu and their desire to return to Pakistan to contribute positively to its development. This exchange underscored the importance of leveraging the expertise and experience of overseas Pakistanis in national development.

Looking Ahead
Minister Iqbal’s visit to the Chengdu High Tech Development Zone signifies a promising step towards enhancing Pakistan-China cooperation. By fostering stronger ties with Chinese enterprises and leveraging the expertise of the Pakistani diaspora, Pakistan can benefit from valuable insights and investments that will drive its technological and economic growth. The positive response from Chengdu’s officials and entrepreneurs is a testament to the potential for collaborative development under the framework of CPEC, paving the way for a prosperous future for both nations.


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