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PM Imran Khan’s visit on Iran are Naeem Ul Haq confirms

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Naeemul Haque, special assistant to PM, confirmed on Friday that Prime Minister Imran Khan will be visiting Iran in the next few days.

Sources with the government informed TV reporter earlier this week that PM Khan will visit Saudi Arabia and Iran after his return from China.

They said the government and the Foreign Office were preparing for the visits. However, the date of his Iran visit had yet to be finalised.

Haque, during an informal interaction with the media, said the Pakistan premier will hold meetings with the Iranian leadership on his visit to Tehran.

During his visit to the United States last month, PM Khan told reporters that President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had asked him to mediate with Iran.

He said he had spoken to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on de-escalation of regional tensions and the possibility of another deal between Tehran and the world powers.