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PM should avoid making the institutions controversial


After a meeting between Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa and PM Imran Khan last week, the notification of the appointment of Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum as new DG ISI announced by the ISPR.A meeting before such appointments is conventional. Postings and transfers in the Pakistan Army have been taking place for the last 74 years according to the well-organized system of the armed forces. Such appointments are made after verbal and mutual consultation of both the COAS and PM and such sensitive appointments and issues are never made public. It is a routine process of the highly dignified institute of the country and it is solely the domain of the incumbent Chief of the Army Staff per very organized set of rules and regulations and system. If the army needs an officer somewhere, there must be no hurdle in implementation of the order of the high commands.
First time in the history of Pakistan, we have seen a precedent when an incompetent Prime Minister who has already ruined entire Pakistan’s economy and other infrastructure during his three and a half year tenure is tarnishing the reputation of Army by not ratifying the appointment of new DG ISI. PM Imran Khan according to the reliable sources has been advised by his wife Bushra Manika who is known as a spiritual person, to keep General Faiz Hameed as DG ISI till March 2022, as there will be last Solar Eclipse of the year in December 2021 which will have dreadful repercussions for his premiership and according to PM Imran Khan’s wife numerological calculations, General Faiz Hameed should be on the same portfolio to dispel the negative impacts for the slot of Imran Khan’s premiership.
PTI chief PM Imran Khan is deliberately raising the ante by dragging the military into the fray. Although the army has practically and completely distanced itself from politics through the ISPR’s pressers and statements (Inter-Services Public Relations) on innumerable occasions. It seems both the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers cannot help but mention the armed forces during their daily verbal spats over the matter of unnecessary delay on the appointment of DG ISI.
This is an unfortunate state of affairs where a sitting government is creating controversy and undue delay in the appointment of the Master of the intelligence agency simply to play politics. This mice and cat game can cost the country dearly, dragging the country’s sensitive institutions into the political discourse is, to say the least, counterproductive and hence dangerous. This kind of shenanigan in the country’s history is quite unprecedented.
Unfortunately, there is little light at the end of the tunnel. PM Khan is fixated upon his single-minded agenda to haunt all the institutions of the country is his cheap ego & reckless pursuit of the continuation of power politics, through brainless and blatant initiatives. With all of the government’s attention to control all the national and sensitive institutes of the country, performance of the government is completely nil and zero. The premier relying on “superstitions and Astrological calculations” like of Mughal Era and Hindu emperor’s style of rule to run the country of 220 million people.
PM Imran Khan has made the simplest matter of appointing a new DG ISI the most controversial and complicated. PM once again as usual unveiled his incompetency to be in dark about the matter regarding the procedure of the summary of the notification on the appointment of DG ISI. This has never been a precedence of interviewing for secret national institutes candidates for the slot of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General. No such interview ever conducted in the past by any Prime Minister rather the official selected as head ISI pays visit to prime minister as a good will.
PM Imran Khan, want to ruin and sabotage the discipline of Armed forces by unnecessarily politicizing the most sensitive appointment. Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudry had earlier assured the media that the matter will be resolved amicably and announcement of new DG ISI will be made within two to three days but in yesterday’s presser Fawad Chaudry Information minister said that government cannot give the tentative time period that how long the PM Imran khan will take to meet & interview the appointed officers and sign the summary the appointment of new DG ISPR. The reliable, inside sources disclose that PM Imran Khan taking the intuitions and spiritual advises of his wife Bushra Manika in this regard to deliberately delay the matter as long as December’s solar Eclipse is passed away.
Making the procedure of the appointment of the Head of ISI controversial is like undermining and damaging the most prestigious and disciplined national defence institute of the country which is very inappropriate especially once the country is passing through the most crucial time due to recent developments in Afghanistan.
According to the defence analysts the appointment for the head of ISI is not either mentioned in the constitution or in Army Act but per military traditions and rules Army Chief proposes three names to Prime Minister in their conventional meeting before such announcements and PM makes the final decision.
The lingering crisis by PM Imran Khan to notify new ISI chief has created a kind of deadlock between civil and military leadership to a point of no return. Interior minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that PM Imran Khan has political context, Army has national approach, now question arises, is the appointment of ISI Chief a political matter ? It’s a serious national matter. PM Imran Khan has made ISPR notification regarding ISI head a mock. World laughing at us. All Tom, Jack and Harry are discussing it in bizarre manner to disgrace the honor of our defence national institutes. PM Imran Khan is an immature & non serious person who lacks wisdom, commonsense and leadership quality to assess the amount of harm he is inflicting to Army through his cunning tactics. The matter of ISI head appointment is a very serious national matter which Pakistan can’t afford on the basis “political context”, it is a country’s security matter which has to be apolitical. Pakistan under sensitive international political scenario can’t afford PM Imran Khan’s non sense adventurism to play havoc with national security institutes of Pakistan. Neither Pakistan opposition parties nor any other paid analysts has ever caused this much harm to military institutes than PM Imran Khan.
PM Imran Khan whose three and a half year tenure performance is 0x0 in every field, contrary to all of his electoral manifesto. Despite Tsunami of inflation and taxes by Imran Khan Government the economy of the country is deteriorating day by day and standing on negative – 0.2% GDP. Corruption scandals of his cabinet ministers are a matter of daily routine. Political victimization of political opponents via NAB is a common tool to suppress the voices of the opponent political party’s leaders. Media facing intense restrictions. Courts are not free to operate. PTI government has broken all records foreign loans. International Transparency report within six months issued a report of highest corruption record during incumbent PM Imran Khan’s era. Unemployment ratio has increased by 70%. People from Steel Mills, PIA, Radio Pakistan and other government organizations are being sacked. PM Imran Khan Government has even mortgaged Airports, Motorways and important parks and buildings to get more foreign loans. CPEC almost halted via hindering and corrupted ministers and advisors though it was expediting at accelerating pace under ex- CPEC Authority Chairman Lieutenant-General Asim Saleem Bajwa whose success was indigestible for PM Imran Khan and his corrupted accomplices, Asad Umar and Razaq Dawood. Foreign Funding case of PTI corruption proceeding is halted in Election Commission of Pakistan. NAB and PTI Imran government had $ 8.3bn to Broad Sheet after losing case in UK.
PM Imran Khan desperately want Military establishment to support all of his and his PTI companions incompetency, wrongdoings, corruption and blunders. He looks towards the military establishment for the extension of his government for another five years. Since, Mr. Imran Khan has gauged that on the basis of his pathetic government performance its next to impossible to drag himself more for another five thus he has decided to blackmail Army, national institutes and COAS.
PM Imran Khan want to be a “hero” a “political martyr” to divert naïve Pakistani masses attention from his failures and poor delivery. He has given the misleading impression to his followers that he does not bow down before any pressure and hence taken a firm stance for “civilian supremacy”, a slogan raised by his reckless youthia followers “DHAT KA KHARA HA CAPTAIN”.
PM Imran Khan has proved himself incapable of forging national consensus on any issue. After making mockery on NAB ordinance and electoral reforms, he has created another controversy on the appointment of DG ISI. Every passing day he polarize the already tensed political situation of Pakistan to fragment the society. people of Pakistan are unconditionally standing beside Pakistan Army and all of its security institutes to establish its “national writ” on any important national issue.