Poetry that predicted Pakistan

Saba Akberabadi is a broadminded poet who’s written national songs even before the creation of Pakistan Known for his quiet, yet inspiring contribution to Urdu poetry; naat, marsia, ghazal, rubai and unique research on the Persian poetry of Ghalib, Omar Klayam and Amir Khusro is Saba Akbar abadi. His role in Pakistan Movement is worth highlighting.
Zamzama-e-Pakistan, a creative collection of Saba’s three patriotically pulsating poems, published on May 14, 1946 in Agra, was the first publication dedicated to Quaid -i-Azam before the creation of Pakistan. While courageously fighting the poetic battle for Pakistan under extreme circumstances, Saba produced Zamazama-e-Pakistan the thunderous roar and the blitzkrieg of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent for a separate homeland and a promising Pakistan.
Refusing to side with the intriguing and powerful imperialists, challenging the dirty politics of nepotism and favoritism, and exposing the nefarious designs of changing loyalties, Saba had chosen a daring course of expressing his patriotic feelings through Zamzama-e-Pakistan. This became a source of enlightenment and inspiration for the Muslim.
At a time when the opportunists were supporting the high and mighty for personal gains and physical security, a week Saba’s strong poetry had become a morale-booster for many Muslims.Instead of mincing words and verses of altruism and patriotism amid various offers and opportunities, and being adamant against threats and dreads, Saba’s Zamzama-e-Pakistan was a timely revolutionary expression against the ruthless forces of imperialism, Hindu extremism, the crafty Congress and the traitors Muslim cause.
Universal enlightenment
Zamzama-e- Pakistan makes an ideal beginning with a poem Sarpa-e-noor. It’s a total and universal enlightenmentassociated with the divine and humane personality of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).According to this poem it is through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that God communicates, guides, consoles and helps. His creation, And that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) graced human values to such heights that even the skies and heavens how in respect. The Prophet (PBUH) eradicated the gap between the rich and the poor, made personal sacrifices to help the poor, the old and the weak, promoted unity and fraternity in diversity, taught the Muslims to be united and not to disperse under pressure and attached top priority to dignity of labour and the pursuit of knowledge.
The Prophet (PBUH) practiced what he preached and personally became a trendsetter in love, peace, justice, tolerance, selflessness and respect in all walks of life. It is through Sarapa-e-noor that Saba visualizes Pakistan and prays his heart out for this land of the pure- fall of promise and potential.
Historical Perspective
The second poem highlights Pakistan the historical perspective. It awakens a classical poet to write such poetry of revolution and rejuvenation where life and death have no meaning as compared national grace, dignity and honor in comity of nations.Saba recollects when India was plunged into selfishness, wickedness, corruption, tyranny and exploitation. It was a time when ills and evil reigned supreme as Mohammad Bin Qasim landed In Sindhwith the Divine and humane message of Islam. India was then enlightened through such pioneering. Selfless and inspiring leadership of Khawaha Islan, Shah, Olya Naseeruddin Balban, Akbar, Baber, Alamgir and others which united the Muslims form Bengal to Kashmir, all marching towards one reality, Pakistan. Recalling the episode of Bahdur Shah Zafar, Saba laments those traitors who betrayed the Muslim cause, strengthened imperialistic hands and enforced martyrdom on a pious king only to revive and activate the cause for Pakistan – A Pakistan free from greed, hypocrisy and exploitation, and a Pakistan of love, peace and justice under one Quaid, one Nation and one flag to be cautioned and protected from traitors and betrayers both from within and without.
Address of inspiration
Kutba-e-Babri, the third poem begins with a wish and a wow for such Divine Light that illuminates darkness of ills and evil with higher values of humanity. It was truly a testing time for the Muslims when the burden of whitman’s exploitation and the banya trickswere telling on them. The Muslims, whether they were Ghaznavis, Ghoris, Khiljis or from Sindh,. Kabul or Bengal, who enlightened India with decency, governance and civilization, were subjected to worst king of human jealousy, tyranny and duplicity. Better late than never rose Baber with his few brave men to correct things and settle scores for the sake of suffering Muslims. At Fatehpur enlightenment was pitched against darkness when a handful of Muslims led by baber conformed the evil, proud and missive focus of Sanga.Babar’s address, which was full of Inspiration form the greatest source of strength, Allah and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and the vim, vigor and velour of Khulfa-e-Rashideen was a life-tonic for the Muslims. The atmosphere echoed with Nara-e-Takbeer and in a swift action, a few soldiers of Allah overwhelmed the massive focus of evil to raise the flag of Islam and establish truth in India.The Moghuls laid the foundation for sound and stable government. Their courage and determination ruled every heart and inspired every thought. Art, architecture, literature and poetry flourished, and human dignity respect, equality, truth and justice prevailed. This Muslim stability and prosperity were not to be tolerated by the jealous and cunning banyas who encouraged traitors within the Muslim ranks and found grand allies in colonial masters to conspire against the Muslims in order to weaken and forces them in to oblivion and suffering. The English and the Hindus tried to exploit the Muslims. They did everything to prevent them from utilizing their promise and form capitalizing on their potential. It was under Quaid-i-Azam that the caravan of Islam in India gained strength once again.The Quaid restored confidence of the Indian Muslims by refreshing and rejuvenating them with their winning traditions. He had become a model of inspiration drawn from the Islamic Principles of unity, faith and discipline. At the thresh old of the creation of Pakistan Saba’s Zamzama-e-Pakistan become a morale booster. India was divided and a reality was carved out as a homeland for the Muslims of India – Pakistan a symbol of love, peace and justice.

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