Politicians – Sub sey pehlay Pakistan – Prove it!

The entire world witnessed how PML N leadership went out of their way to defend Nawaz Sharif on corruption charges and exceeded all the limits of decency and spared no moment to scandalize the Supreme Court of Pakistan and its honorable judges, ridiculing them, making personal attacks. Apart from this they launched frontal attack against Army and hired section of press to malign them in politics and at times some leaders threatened them and coined new words Khalai Mukhlooq. People did not take it seriously
The Supreme Court on the other hand showed utmost restraint but when the red lines were crossed certain leaders were charged of Contempt of Court. Their boldness had disappeared when they entered the Supreme Court, they were seen sweating and shivering with drown faces. Two of the leaders Nihal Hashmi and Danial Aziz were convicted earlier. Now the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has convicted supermo Talal Chaudhry under Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 under which the proceedings are initiated, used to protect judges from criticism and public scrutiny, not the courts. Question arises who sits in the courts? Court is structure so when anyone criticizes courts naturally he is not criticizing the building but the occupants. Article 204 relating to contempt of Court is very clear and has no anomalies that binds everyone to remain within the limits of constitutional boundaries, what are the boundaries is again to be determined by the Supreme Court and not by the accused lawyers.
Unfortunately whenever anyone is punished immediately fingers are pointed on the past military rulers which has no relevance whatsoever with current situation. All Military take over’s have been legitimized by the courts and is now form part of history. It isjust like a murderer being hanged you cannot bring back his life, likewise decisions taken by superior courts cannot be undone. Therefore we have to move forward and learn from past history and that is what present judiciary is doing. It is on record that PML N leaders threatened the judges with dire consequences in case they are punished. Memories are still fresh when supreme court was attacked by PMLN and late justice Sajjad Ali Shah had to seek shelter in his chamber.
In case of Talal Chaudhry the bench has been very kind and taken a very lenient view because if you watch TV clipping what he said cannot be tolerated, it is atrocious and demands highest punishment. We talk much about fundamental rights specially of leaders but what about fundamental rights of those who are being criticized, they are not above the constitution. The press is enjoying complete freedom but at the same time no one can take cover under the pretext of fundamental rights and say anything to judges, army as we witness daily in TV talk shows. In a country where majority of the people are illiterate they are not interested who sits on the top they want fundamental rights protected as envisaged in the Constitution of Pakistan
The subject of fundamental rights being very important is very much debatable that’s why its interpretation is left to the judiciary and that should be accepted by all. One simple question, a man is shot dead, the lawyer of the accused advances the arguments about his client the shooter that he is innocent by bringing forth arguments knowing well the man was shot dead and is buried for good. Why the lawyers plead that his client was innocent?
Unfortunately we are still following colonial system and there has been no legislation except Charter of Democracy between the two major political parties PPP and PML N. The charter of democracy revolved around with one objective to loot the country in rotation and stack looted wealth in foreign countries. Out of 208 million people Imran Khan picked up the courage and fought against status quo and myth of reconciliation and is firm in resolve to bring back the looted money. He is now poised to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. The PTI has emerged the largest party in the National Assembly and though lacking an absolute majority but has succeeded with the help of smaller groups and independents to form the government at the Centre and Punjab . That is not being digested by the heavy weight losers who are crying that there was massive rigging in elections.
We have 71 years history before us where every election was in dispute due to rigging and therefore election 2018 cannot be exception. Same accusations are being repeated by losers and it is on record that renowned leaders after losing elections staged rallies, protest marches etc. But the system kept moving good or bad
Imran Khan is well set to form the government at the centre, Punjab and KPK and coalition in Baluchistan to start his agenda manifesto towards a ‘Naya’ Pakistan. He is all determined to convert Pakistan into a welfare state where.” AIK HE SUF MAIN KHARAY HOONGAY MAHMOOD O AYAZ–NA KOI BANDA RAHAY NA KOI BANDA NAWAZ” He wants Pakistan .to stand on its own feet, with no dependence on foreign aid.
His post-elections speech has been widely acclaimed at home and abroad, deserves great appreciation. He does not want to blame anybody, his rivals who were busy for the last five years in his character assassination has forgiven them because he wants to move forward and looking for bright future for Pakistan. He is willing to reexamine poll rigging charges with open mind where as he was denied this request after massive irregularities occurred during 2013 elections. He is all set to have good relations with all neighboring countries including India but wants early settlement of Kashmir dispute.All political parties should realize the critical situation of the country coupled with economic crisis country is facing, it demand unity to face the challenges. This should be clear to all political parties that “”VOTE KO IZZAT DO slogan died its death and they have voted for” NAYA PAKISTAN”, this should be accepted as it is ground reality now . In the words of James Arthur Baldwin” There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation.The challenge is the moment, the time is always now”

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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