Positive role to adopt Urdu as official language lauded

Special Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: M. Yousuf Aziz, President Pakistan National Movement and known linguist/literary figure has said that longstanding ideological, historical backdrop, rich literary traditions, continued and consistent constitutional bindings, strong & cohesive political will, changing and working trends of public sector, rational by and large consensus coupled with authoritative adjudication of legal provisions by the superior judiciary, all had played a very positive and constructive role for the adaption of Urdu as official language through regular efforts of relevant public sector entities meant for this assignment.
These views were expressed by him while addressing 26th badge of Senior Management/Professional Officers of various service groups at National Institute of Management, Islamabad and Senior Management College, here Wednesday.
The training course is a must and mandatory for further senior promotions. It aims at to enhance the capacity of potential BS-20 as well as higher officers for active and effective public sector service delivery. Thirty-six senior officers from Pakistan Administrative Service, Pakistan Police Service, Foreign Service of Pakistan, Commerce and trade group, Postal Group, Information group, FIA, NAB and provincial Management service including heads of various districts, divisions and provincial departments.
Evaluating implementation status of Urdu as national and official language in the aftermath of Supreme Court’s historic decision of September 8, 2015, M. Yousuf Aziz informed the audience that a regular monitoring mechanism had been evolved by the concerned Divisions and Department for continued progress of each public sector entity to ensure implementation of the orders of the highest judiciary in letter and spirit.
He said the he had been interacting both with the higher officers and department from the last six such training courses. He said besides south Asia, now Turkey, Bahrain, Oman and UAE have also given “Urdu” due status in their domains. Beijing and Tashkent Universities along with many others had since long been upgraded their Urdu departments up to the level of Ph.D.
He said that since the bureaucracy is a bridge between the government and masses, it they use Urdu as official medium in conveying daily orders, it would be much easier for them to perform their duty well as well as Government performance, especially law and order situations will enormously improve. The trainee officers took great interest and enthusiastically participated in question-answer session.