Power tariff likely to go up Rs2.97/unit

ISLAMABAD: In a bad news for electricity consumers, power tariff is likely to go up by Rs 2.97 per unit.
As per details, the decision would be made in context of fuel price adjustment as NEPRA would hear a case on the application filed by Central Power Purchasing Company.
NEPRA would hear the case on October 30 after which decision about increasing the cost of electricity would be made.
CPPA has suggested increasing electricity pieces by Rs2.97 per unit. It would put Rs 40 billion additional burden on public who would pay this amount in next month bills.
In September 817200000 units of electricity were produced through furnace oil and per unit cost remained at Rs13.53 per unit.
CPPA said 13.62 billion units of electricity were produced and 13.22 units of electricity were provided to distribution companies. – NNI

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