PPP has more opponents in Sindh to tackle with


KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party has completed a decade to rule the Sindh, likewise PMLN in Punjab.

Being the ruling party, Pakistan People’s Party has fairly enjoyed a long span. Now, the time has arrived to take a look at the accomplishments, the progress being done and the delivery of services being promised in the region.

Unlike PMLN, PPP has more political opponents to combat to. Sindh, particularly Karachi has many stake holders. So, PPP likely faces a staunch opposition there from other political parties claiming their share in the political arena of Sindh.

Mutahhida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was once considered the second major political party and the arch rival to the PPP but it does not remain in that firm position of 2013. Another political party stirring on Karachi front is Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), raised in recent past is allegedly considered as the motley array confluenced to dismantle MQM.

As similar to PMLN in Punjab, PTI has arisen as a grave threat to PPP, particularly in urban Sindh, too. Also PPP is facing a weighty rivalry from the recently developed the great democratic alliance (GDA) posing threat on internal fronts. Besides Jamaat-e-Islami, PMLN has also plunged into the big game to stir the political dynamics of Sindh since ages.

Sindh has 61 seats in total, in National Assembly and 130 in provincial assembly. Out of 130, Karachi alone has 39 seats in provincial assembly while 18 in National Assembly.

Jacobabad is the first constituency and the last one is in Karachi.
There hasn’t been done any alteration in the constituencies of Sindh after the latest delimitation being demarcated after the census 2017.

In the political arena of Sindh, the rural Sindh and the urban Sindh, both have a vital part in assisting any political party to form the government.

The internal rural Sindh is decisively being ruled by Pakistan People’s party since ages. In the general elections 2013, Pakistan People’s Party won 94 seats and form their government in Sindh.

According to the Surveys, PPP has a strong position, over all. The results shows PPP in a fair position with 53 percent followed by PTI far behind with 14 percent in favors, MQM only 10 percent and all others collectively with 10 percent voter’s support.

PPP leads in Karachi followed by MQM, PTI and others. None of the party shows any potential majority in Karachi.

The rural Sindh shows PPP leading with 63 percent in an obvious and quite predicting situation. None of the political party reaches even nearer to the rise attained by PPP. – NNI