President urges Pakistanis and others to donate in cash and kind


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has called upon the people of Pakistan and the International Community to donate generously in cash and kind to the government-approved funds and registered organizations, including the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, to provide speedy relief to the flood affectees to alleviate their sufferings, says a PID handout.

The President made these comments today while touring the relief facilities established up at Nowshera, Amangarh, and Risalpur Degree College. The local administration and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) briefed the president on the rescue and relief initiatives being taken to lessen the suffering of flood victims in the Nowshera region.

In order to allow the administration to fully concentrate on relief efforts, the President claimed that he had wished to visit the region shortly after the floods. The President also praised the civil government and the armed forces for their rescue and relief efforts to lessen the pain of the flood victims. He also emphasised the necessity for prompt recompense for those families who had lost loved ones and whose property had been damaged during the floods.

The President received information regarding the Pakistan Air Force’s flood relief activities during his visit to PAF Academy Asghar Khan Risalpur. He was told that PAF has treated more than 25,000 people across Pakistan and that it was feeding, medicating, and housing more than 2000 IDPs in its camp at the Academy. Additionally, it was disclosed that 100 relief sorties were undertaken, and that the flood victims also received 175,000 dry ration packs and more than 1000 tents.

Speaking at the event, the President supported the joint flash appeal made by the UN and the Government of Pakistan in Islamabad and Geneva to ask for assistance from the international community for rescue and relief efforts in the wake of the devastating rains, floods, and landslides that have affected more than 33 million people in various parts of Pakistan.

The President expressed his regret and anguish for the more than 1,100 fatalities nationwide, including 350 children, and the more than 1,900 persons who were injured. He continued by saying that a sizeable population had lost their only source of income due to the loss of more than 700,000 animals and crops on more than two million acres of land. He regretted that the destruction of more than a million homes across the nation had left millions of people without a place to live.

In these trying times in Pakistan’s history, when a third of the nation had been submerged, the President expressed his complete confidence in the humanitarian spirit of Pakistanis and the international community and expressed the hope that the country would not leave the flood victims alone and would stop at nothing to ease their suffering until they had fully recovered.

In order to help flood victims across the nation cope with the loss of their homes and livelihoods, the President stressed the need to create a comprehensive strategy and plan to ensure that national and international aid was delivered in a methodical, coordinated, and transparent manner. He also emphasised the necessity of taking all necessary steps to build delay-action dams to increase the country’s water storage capacity and prevent losses from potential future floods.

The President stated, “Even though Pakistan contributes a negligible amount to global greenhouse gas emissions, we are nonetheless experiencing extreme floods brought on by climate change and global warming stemming from carbon emissions worldwide.

He asserted that reducing the adverse effects of climate change was the responsibility of both Pakistan’s citizens and the entire international community.

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