Prime Minister, concentrate on good governance

PTI Government is under severe criticism specially Prime Minister Imran Khan and his information minister Chaudhry Fawad. Apart from this handling of affairs of Punjab by Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar is also hot topic for discussion. He is busy in making transfers shifting of bureaucrats from one post to other without realizing its ramifications.. Frequent shifting and subsequently cancellation of posting orders causes embarrassment to both the officer and the government. It is true that majority of the elected members of PTI are new and have no administrative experience whatsoever. But this must be remembered that It is by virtue of success of PTI in the Punjab that they are sitting at the centre and ruling the biggest province, therefore Punjab should have been given due importance. It would have been more appropriate to appoint experienced and seasoned politician as Chief Minister. Unfortunately no such exercise was carried out and the result is before us..
It is also true that Imran Khan had to accommodate all those who helped him to occupy the seat of Chief Executive of Pakistan, but at the same time country’s interest should have reflected his decisions. Unfortunately that was not done and Imran had no choice except to compromise over it. Chief Justice has also hinted about the poor governance in Punjab. This poor governance is helping opposition to cry more. Just watch proceedings of the Parliament, looks as if people are sitting in some market. Personal attacks against each other is the only outcome of these sessions. No legislation, except settling personal scores. Promises made by Imran Khan to attend assembly session and answer questions raised by members appears to be a distant dream.
Unfortunately Imran Khan doing the same as Nawaz Sharif whereas he should have avoided those very mistakes that brought down fall of Nawaz Sharif. He definitely appointed cronies on key appointments and now facing charges for such appointments. Chief Justice has once again made it clear that Prime Minister not all powerful and court will not tolerate nepotism on senior government position and appointments on key posts must not be made on the basis of friendship. This warning should be taken seriously.
The problem with opposition is that they have not yet reconciled that PTI has won 2018 elections and has formed the government, at the same time the way matters are being handled by PTI is only bringing disappointment and they are taking things lightly without realizing the dangers looming around them.
Being in thin majority they are always vulnerable and this aspect should always be in their mind. PTI has no choice except to deliver. Their tall promises made during election campaign have fallen flat and people are not happy. Opposition is busy in exploiting this situation but they also need to calm down and reconcile with the ground reality that Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Unfortunately some columnist have also joined opposition and spare no time to criticize Imran Khan and are in comma on his successful visit to KSA UAE and China. They are busy in undermining his visits but the world is looking at the larger perspective and that they find change is taking place in Pakistan. I have just returned from Lahore and happened to visit Sundar State and enroute travelled on Raiwind Road that takes you to Jati Umra. I was told that no one could dare enter on this road as this road was under heavy police guard. I also saw many check posts lying empty that used to be flooded with police. It was a scene to be seen as I did not notice a single police constable on the entire road. Could anyone dare to disturb such arrangements, certainly not. Law is law no one is above law therefore for a change law has been enforced and this is certainly a step towards Naya Pakistan. This reminds me great speech by Barak Obama to Democrats when he said” I am in my second term and it has been an extraordinary privilege to serve as President of USA. I love my work. Under constitution I cannot run again. I actually think I can win but I cannot. Law is law and no person is above law even the president” But in Pakistan leaders think that country is their personal property and no one can touch them, they go to the extreme extent even to amend the constitution for personal benefits, but nature has its own ways to settle the issues . PTI should learn from the mistakes of past rulers
Undoubtedly opposition wants to see Imran fails in his test of governance but what is more worrying is statements by Pakistan People’s Party Co- chairperson Asif Ali Zardari who has been making such statements in the past also at regular intervals aimed against army in coded words. This time he said ” he knows who is helping the incumbent government”, he further added that only real representatives can run the country, he had a go on Imran Khan and said that one can become a great cricketer through passion but not a great leader. Apart from this Bilawal Bhutto calls Imran Khan selected prime minister. A section of the media is also playing same tune, wont it be better that the perception developed and being propagated in subtle manner be answered from those against whom it is aimed.
PTI is certainly missing important gradients of governance therefore their every act attracts criticism and partially it is justified. There is need for the PTI leadership to sit down and plan some proper strategy how to deal with opposition. There was no need for Minister of Information to talk about Constitutional role of Chairman Senate. All federal ministers especially Minister of Information must exercise due constraints and avoid confrontation. Lastly Imran Khan is well advised to remove all controversial people and lay off all those who are facing cases in the courts, if it is not done then collapse shall be the fate. In the words of Jim Ron “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” so key to success is bring discipline in all walks of life .

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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