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Private schools providing quality education in Pak

Private schools providing quality education in Pak

Private schools providing quality education in Pak

Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Education plays an integral role in shaping the nations and particularly it is in the 21st century the role of education has been given more importance than ever. It is considered as a major means to sort out the fastest growing challenges in the world.
If we see globally all countries including Pakistan has mainly two categories of school systems, the private sector and the public sector. In the overall doom and gloom of other industries, in terms of education the one sector that has flourished over the years, is the private sector.
In Pakistan the private sector is massively accepted, that ensures organized and better standard of education. The nationalization of Education in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s era radically damaged the public sector of education and its set standards at that time. This gave birth to the Private Sector which came as a rescuer and a key provider of quality education and services across the country.
In Pakistan there many private schools have budded over years, but the most prominent ones are Beaconhouse, which is also referred as the largest private school system in the world, The City School, Roots Schools etc. The education provided in these institutions is never compromised as the teachers taken onboard are trained and highly educated. All students are equally handled meticulously so that they not just receive quality education but also pass out as competitive individuals, on both national and international fronts.
The esteemed institutions like Beaconhouse and The City School are not only playing a pivotal role in eradicating illiteracy, but are also reforming the standards of education, with every passing year, to provide better academic environment to the students. Through their training sessions and workshops these schools are not just enhancing the performance level of students but of their teachers as well. Moreover they are contributing extensively in eradicating the literacy rate in emerging countries. If managed properly private schools have the potential to not just play their role in uplifting the standard of education in Pakistan, but can contribute in the international market as well. In this regard Beaconhouse is already operable in various other countries like Malaysia, UK, Thailand, Bangladesh thereby becoming a multinational organization for Pakistan. Likewise The City School on the other hand is also playing its part in reducing the rate of illiteracy in the emerging economies.
The success of private schools is not just the failure of public sector schools, but also of the governmental examination boards and Pakistani curricula. The educational landscape of Pakistan has undergone some crucial transformation in the past two decades and Private Sector of education has played a huge role in making it better and worthy of timing and investment of children and their parents respectively.



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