PSQCA’s NSC meets in Karachi


KARACHI: National Standard Committee (NSC) Meeting held in conference Room at PSQCA Complex, Gulistan e Jauhar Karachi under the chairmanship of Dr. Ali H. Jamal Naqvi, Ex. GM (KSEW), Ex. Prof. (MAJU), says a Press release.

The Secretary of the Technical Committee, Waiz Akram-ul-Haq welcomed the participant and thanked them for coming to attend the meeting and hoped that they would continue same sort of cooperation in future also. 
During the period from July, 2017 to Nov, 2017, Mechanical Division arranged ten (10) technical committee meetings in which 41standards on various fields were placed, out of 41 standards; one standard of MTC-17: Refrigerator & Air Conditioning was deferred by the house while for 4 no’s of standards pertaining to MTC-06: Mechanical Transport, chairman of the committee constituted a working group for further study and suggestions. Therefore, 36 standards were placed for consideration and Endorsement.
After discussion, it was proposed by the house that the standards in question might be adopted as Pakistan Standards.
The chairman of the committee agreed with the proposal and Approved / endorsed the same to be established as Pakistan Standards.
A question was raised by the Director General (MOCC), Mrs. Farzana Altaf Shah, Pak Environment Protection Agency, Islamabad, regarding Halal Certification. Mrs. Yasmeen Khanum, Deputy Director (Halal Certification) gave a brief and informed that at the moment, PSQCA is only formulating Standards on Halal Certification as long as certification is concerned, a bill regarding Halal Food Authority (HFA), has been passed. HFA would certify the Halal Products in respect of Import / Export.