Qatar overcomes the impact of blockade


As we know that it’s been a year since four countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain had severed their relations with Qatar for no apparent reasons and had clamped economic blockade to strangulate its economy, but with the help of Turkey and Iran and using its strategic location in the Persian Gulf as the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas not only survived that blockade but its economy is thriving right now.

This was the crux of the talk by the Consul General of Qatar, Mishal M. Al-Ansari while talking to a group of media persons here. Yes, the CG fell elated at the current state of economy of Qatar In the post-blockage scenario.

To be very specific, this Gulf state has weathered the storm by drawing from its substantial cash reserves, deepening alliances with Turkey and Iran, and has overcome the pain of the ‘painful’ blockade. Qatar rulers had not imagined that these Muslim Arab countries can go so far as to adopt economic blockade to harm another brother country but it happened, ninety percent trade of Qatar relates to Saudi Arabia especially import of various items needed by the people of Qatar. With the blockade, the trade with Saudi Arabia, and UAE almost stopped. However the wise ruler in consultation with his close advisors made bids to locate new markets and opening for Qatar goods for import and export purposes.

The two countries who extended their helping hands to Qatar were Iran, the immediate neighbor of Qatar and Russia both announced their economic and political support to Qatar to overcome the economic crisis.

Today Qatar by the grace of Almighty Allah has overcome the impact of the blockade while its economy is thriving. The self-sufficiency in food security has increased more than 300 percent while the fruits, vegetable and meat and other products are available in abundance. Hamad port was opened after the blockade and has received approximately 1734 ships from different parts of the world helping immensely the import and export businesses of the Qatar state. Meanwhile the reputed Qatar Airways opened as many as 24 new destinations which all earn huge profits for the country.

Before the blockade, Qatar Airways flew to 18 destinations. Moreover, Qatar is ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup for which necessary infrastructure is being developed on speedy basis. This is a big achievement for Qatar in the prevailing scenario.

It may be recalled here that Qatar contributes and helps different nationalities on humanitarian basis and the blockade could not deter its determinations for extending helping hands to more than hundred countries of the world.

It is pertinent to mention here that Qatar National Vision 2030 which aims at transforming Qatar into an advanced economy capable of sustaining its own vertical and horizontal development. With the passage of time, the Qatar economy is reducing its dependence and trying to achieve autarky with diversifications. The state of Qatar is known for being a country where the rule of law prevails as such its global ranking is 10th in terms of institutional strength and constant reform of the legal system.

Yet another story of success of Qatar is the integration of politics, economic, media which helped the country to thwart all cunning schemes and overcoming the siege and thereby retaining the sovereignty and independence of Qatar.

However, the blockade did impact negatively on the relationship between the people as families are tied together through marriage and the Qatar government hopes that the previous relationship will be restored through dialogue and respect for each other.

Qatar always believes in peaceful coexistence among the nations for the sake of world peace, while the blockade did not affect the economy of the country nor the moral, of the people, the whole nation stood behind the kingdom to safeguard its territorial integrity and hard won freedom and independence.