Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest reigning monarch, has died aged 96,


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ISLAMABAD: Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the nation’s figurehead for seven decades, has died aged 96, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said, “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.”

“The King and Queen Consort will spend the night at Balmoral and go back to London tomorrow.”

Her oldest son Charles, who is 73, becomes king of the United Kingdom and the leader of 14 other realms, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Doctors were worried about her health, so her family rushed to her Scottish home, Balmoral Castle, to be with her. Since the end of last year, she had what Buckingham Palace called “episodic mobility problems,” which kept her from going to almost all of her public events.

Queen Elizabeth II was the oldest and longest-ruling head of state in the world. She took the throne on February 6, 1952, when her father, King George VI, died. She was only 25 years old at the time.

The next year, in June, she was crowned. The first televised coronation was the start of a new era in which the media would pay more and more attention to the lives of the royals.

“I have truly promised to serve you, just as so many of you have promised to serve me. I will work hard my whole life and from the bottom of my heart to earn your trust “she told her people in a speech on the day she was crowned.

When Elizabeth became queen, Britain still had a lot of its old empire. It was just getting over the damage of World War II, and food rationing and class and privilege were still big parts of life.

At the time, Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Britain, Josef Stalin was in charge of the Soviet Union, and the Korean War was going on.

In the years that followed, Elizabeth saw a lot of political and social change at home and around the world. The problems in her own family, especially the split between Charles and his first wife, Diana, who died in 1997, were in the public eye.

Elizabeth tried to make the old institution of monarchy fit the needs of the modern world while still being a symbol of stability and continuity for the people of Britain during a time when the economy was not doing so well.

In a 2012 documentary, her grandson Prince William, who is now the heir to the throne, said, “She has done more than anyone else to modernise and change the monarchy.”

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