Reckitt Benckiser supports IBA’s ‘Go Green Initiative’

Reckitt Benckiser supports IBA's 'Go Green Initiative'

KARACHI: Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited (“RB”), the makers of Dettol and Harpic, collaborated with Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) Go Green Society to launch their initiative “Adopt a Park” in Karachi. Adopt a Park is one of the many initiatives supported by RB under their pledge “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” for a healthier and cleaner Pakistan, says a Press release.

As part of the big launch, more than 1,000 students from several institutions participated by cleaning up different areas and then planting saplings at the iconic Safari Park. The students were facilitated by gardeners and “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” volunteers that comprised of IBA students and RB employees.

The students present were also given an opportunity to interact with representatives from various NGOs who had their stalls set up at the event. A number of students also signed up to take part in upcoming activities under “Hoga Saaf Pakistan”.

“Adopt a Park” was launched with an aim to reclaim public parks by making them cleaner and therefore greener- one park at a time. By involving students, this initiative aims to engage youth in a more meaningful manner and encourage them to take full ownership for a Saaf Pakistan. Reclaiming the sprawling lawns of Safari Park further brought about nostalgic memories for many individuals of one of their all-time favorite parks in Karachi.

Speaking about this initiative, Fahad Ashraf – Chief Executive, RB Pakistan, said: “It is very encouraging to witness such enthusiastic participation from several schools, institutions and IBA Go Green Society to help us in our pledge for “Hoga Saaf Pakistan”. RB is fully committed to ensure healthier lives and happier homes for fellow Pakistanis and we will continue to lead and support such initiatives for a healthier and cleaner Pakistan. Indeed, the seeds that we sow today shall reap great benefits for the environment tomorrow.”