Regional stability linked with peace in Afg: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has stated that regional peace is linked with peace in Afghanistan.
Addressing in National Assembly, he said bringing militant groups in Afghanistan to the table was not an easy job but Pakistan has succeeded in this challenge. He said PM Imran kept on saying that peace in Afghanistan is possible only through dialogue.
He said the stance of US government towards Pakistan has changed during 11 months of incumbent government. He said US has agreed that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, adding that a new journey has started with US government.
Foreign Minister said PM Imran Khan put Pakistan’s point of view in front of US authorities in a clear way. He said convincing US for Afghan talks is a great achievement.
He said for the first time elections were held in erstwhile FATA and tribal people entered into national stream. He further said Pakistan is not supporting any specific group in Afghanistan, adding that President Ghani was apprised of our purposes in Afghan peace process.
The PTI leader said Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan as the regional stability is linked with this. He said however some elements across the border do some activities that are harming peace in the region. – NNI

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