Remembering 6 September 65

6th September is memorable day in the history of Pakistan when our valiant armed forces gave humiliating defeat to Indian army who under the cover of darkness crossed our international border without any declaration of war against all norms of international laws to release pressure from Azad Kashmir when Mujahedeen’s supported by Pakistan Army were about to capture Akhnur. Coincidently after 54 years Pakistan is again facing somewhat similar situation where Prime Minister of India Narandara Modi has revoked Article 370 and 35-A of the Indian constitution and imposed dusk to dawn curfew in Jammu and Kashmir creating prison like situation for 9 millions of Kashmiris.
Over 7 million troops are deployed against unarmed Kashmiris who have been denied basic utilities for over 29 days. The world is watching atrocities being committed on Kashmiris but doing nothing practically to rescue unarmed people of occupied Kashmir
This day is observed throughout Pakistan to pay homage to our great soldiers of our armed forces who rendered valuable sacrifices to defend the home land from the enemy by inflicting heavy casualties in men and material. This day reminds us that armed forces and people of Pakistan stood shoulder to shoulder and were able to give humiliating defeat to India. Although war lasted for 17 days but many records were established that would remain part of history.
This year 6 September is being observed when enemy once again has challenged Pakistan and against all existing laws has changed the special status of Jammu and Kashmir granted to the people of occupied Kashmir guaranteed under their own constitution. It is a matter of some satisfaction that gradually international media has realized the gravity of the situation and has started exposing Modi’s illegal action in incorporating Occupied Kashmir in India territory without the wishes of people of the valley. UNSC also held a close door session after 1965 but failed to issue any press statement or resolution that could provide relief to Kashmiris
This day was unique in nature as the entire country was united and all the political parties gave unconditional support to the government and extended whole hearted cooperation to the armed forces. The striking feature of this war has been that 6th September witnessed a new face of Pakistan. The entire nation stood united so high was the moral that every one trying to reach the borders to join the armed forces. They carried with them eatables, cooked food, and clothes, blankets etc almost on all the fronts. People from all segments of society played their role especially late melody Queen Madam Noor Jahan hit emotions of Dhool Supahia who set personal examples of great sacrifice in defending the homeland. I cannot for a moment forget the long queue of people from all walks of life lined up in front of the hospitals to donate blood for the wounded soldiers, so high was the spirit. The doctors and Para medical staff ran short of blood bags and syringes. The people swarmed the border areas at their own; there was no call from any leader, political party, group or community or for that matter from the army high command people were acting at their own. The influx of the people was so heavy that the army was forced to establish military checkpoints to stop the civil population going towards the border. In fact it was the speech of the President that hit the emotions of every Pakistani and that gave strength to our armed forces and the nation a clear message that they were not alone in this hour of despair and people stood behind them. But when government announced to observe solidarity day on Friday in support of Kashmiris opposition party leaders were missing, they may be having genuine reasons but the occasion demanded they should have joined the government. Such actions send wrong messages to outside world. This must be stated categorically that no army can fight the enemy effectively until the entire nation displays unity. Let this be stated very clearly that no army can defend its frontiers until and unless it has the full backing of its people. Defense is the collective responsibility of the entire nation and not confined to the armed forces only. In this age of modern and high tech equipment army alone cannot achieve the goals. It is the will of the nation that will dictate the outcome of any war. If the nation is one it can play havoc on the enemy. Take the case of United States army the only super power is struggling hard for the last fourteen years in Afghanistan, they have suffered very heavy casualties and the resistance from Taliban has not ended. The American soldiers are armed tooth to nail with the modern automatic weapons and other safety equipment worn over their body against small enemy without any such safety gadgets, air craft’s, gun ship helicopters, tanks, guns, missiles, APC’s, have not only restricted their movements but have put permanent fear in their minds and forced them to sit and talk.
There is no doubt that 1965 war remained inconclusive. This has also been confirmed by Gen Arif ex COAS when he writes in his book “Khaki Shadows” that the 1965 war was a military blunder in which both India and Pakistan failed to achieve their respective national aims and military objectives. Despite many errors, Pakistan managed a stalemate in the battlefield, largely because India made bigger blunders and quickly lost the advantage traditionally enjoyed by the aggressor. The point to understand is that in spite of military blunders why our performance was superb, the only reason behind was that people stood with the army.
An extract from the address Father of the nation to government officers on March 25, 1948 is more applicable now in present polarization when he said “You have to do your duty as servants; you are not concerned with this political party or that political party; that is not your business. It is the business of politicians to fight out their battle under the present constitution or the future constitution that may be ultimately framed. You, therefore, have nothing to do with this party or that party. You are civil servants. Whichever gets the majority will form the government, and your duty is to serve that government for the time being as servants, not as politicians. How will you do that? The government in the power for the time being must also realize and understand their responsibilities that you are not to be used for this part or that. I know we are saddled with old legacy, old mentality, old psychology, and it haunts our footsteps, but it is up to you now to act as true servants of the people even at the risk of any Minister or Ministry trying to interfere with you in the discharge of your duties as civil servants. You do not belong to the ruling class; you belong to the servants Make the people that you are their servants and friends, maintain the highest standard of honor, integrity, justice and fair play.”
How sad we forgot the teaching of father of the nation and instead of becoming servants of the people assumed the role of masters of the people and hence this degradation and confrontation. The crux of the matter is that political issues need to be resolved through dialogues and not by military operations. Modi should understand he cannot suppress voice of Kashmiris sooner or later he will have to come to senses.
We did well in 1965 because we were united; we lost in 1971 because we were divided. DIL MURDA NAHI HAI ISSAY ZINDA KAR DOOBARA-KAY YAHI HAY UMTOON KAY MARZ KOHAN KA CHARA. Are we ready to learn from our own past history? Can we hope to revive spirit of Sept 65?

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